The 2015 Jaguar XK Coupe May Not Be the End to the XK Series


Earlier this year, Jaguar announced that it was slowly filtering out the XK lineup and planning Final Fifty editions for the last of the iconic vehicles.

The Final Fifty edition of the XK received some special upgrades to mark it as unique in the lineup. These vehicles are a blend of the features of the coupe and convertible styles, with an all black exterior and ivory white interiors. The body is modeled after the XKR but will have the hood of the XKR-S GT, and each also comes with the Dynamic Package and Performance Package as well as with commemorative plates marking it as the Final Fifty edition.

The XK model was first released in 1996 and seemed to be a big part of the Jaguar legacy, and with the upcoming release of the new Jaguar F-type, it seemed time to transition to a new era. However, Elmhurst Jaguar is pleased to hear that there is now some serious speculation that the XK may make a come-back sometime in the near future in the form of a 2015 Jaguar XK Coupe.

The 2015 XK Coupe comes in three varieties: the standard XK, the XKR, and the XKR-S. All three vehicles have a long, sleek hood that tapers to a compact, sporty body and comes in either a hard-top or convertible version. And like always, every XK is built with the finest materials that you would come to expect from a Jaguar, with the perfect blend of sport and sophistication.

The engine powering the XK is a powerful 5.0-L V8 with 385 horse power. It reaches top speeds of 155 mph and can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds. Both the convertible and the coupe also come with standard 6-speed automatic transmission.


But while all of that sounds like a big final send-off, and other Jaguar vehicles have been discontinued in a similar fashion, this may not be the end of the XK. With recent investigations into the auto market and the positive reviews of the new F-Type, Jaguar designers are reconsidering the XK’s retirement, and realized that the possibility of a GT segment contender is one worth looking into.

While the F-Type fits the bill on many points, there are still desirable features that were not incorporated that could be used on a vehicle like the XK.

Only time will tell whether the ideas of a new Jaguar XK will come to fruition, but you can be sure that Elmhurst Jaguar will inform you of any news that may arise from this revival plan. In the meantime be sure to take a look at the XK models we have in stock, or with any questions you may have about the Jaguar brand.

Jaguar Land Rover Introduces the All New 2017 Jaguar XE


Here at Elmhurst Jaguar, we can tell you that numbers don’t lie, but we can also tell you that more isn’t always better. Jaguar Land Rover stands for quality, not quantity, and we are proud to be part of a company that thrives on being unique and offering exclusive products you can’t find anywhere else. But with so many demands for Jaguar Land Rover to create a unique sedan with that exclusive Jaguar flair, they listened: introducing, the all new 2017 Jaguar XE, a perfect addition to the market of luxury sedans.

There have been a few sneak peeks of the new XE design recently, but more specific details on why this car is a step above all other luxury sedans on the market have finally been released:

The overall design is different from the traditional X-type series, while still not swinging all the way over to the F-type. There are also elements of the layout, like the wide and sporty front and rear, that give nod to the vehicle’s more sporty cousin. However, there are features that make the 2017 XE its own class of comfort and luxury.


Inside the XE is a mixture of sedan and XF spirit. A rotary knob takes place of traditional gear shifters, but has gauges and a steering wheel found in some of Jaguar’s sportier cars. The infotainment system seen in Jaguars of the past has been upgraded in the new XE models, and can integrate with both Android and Apple systems to control a large portion of the car’s entertainment and comfort by voice command. Jaguar also made use of Heads Up technology, that displays pertinent information on the windshield in front of the driver.

Under the hood, the XE S will be very similar to the Jaguar F-Type, making the seemingly unambiguous sedan a lot of fun to drive than expected. Powered by 163 horses with 207 lb/ft torque in a 3.0-L V6 engine, it will have the capability to go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds.

The XE is also proclaimed as the most aerodynamic of all Land Rover Jaguars, reflecting the engineering genius behind the vehicles that are not only sleek, but also as economic as possible.

Elmhurst Jaguar challenges you to take a closer look at the new XE and step away from your standard luxury sedan.

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Unique Thanksgiving Side Dishes

If you are packing up and heading out for holiday travel soon, you may want to bring some sort of dish to accompany your Thanksgiving dinner.  While you could run to the grocery store and swipe up a few cans of cranberry sauce, why not impress your company with some extra pizzazz?

Elmhurst Jaguar has a few favorite recipes we would like to share with you that put a twist on the traditional Thanksgiving dishes, and are sure to be a hit. Try one of these unique Thanksgiving side dishes this year!

Brussels Sprouts and Pecans

While it may seem like an unlikely combination, this fast and easy recipe will most certainly have people clamoring for seconds.

cranberry compoteBourbon-Cranberry Compote

Put a twist on the traditional cranberry sauce and transform these four ingredients to something extraordinary.

Creamed Collards

Even if you have a guest who never appreciated collard greens before…behold! A recipe that uses a whole pound of bacon. 

Sweet Potatoes with Pecans and Parmesan

Hang onto those pecans left over from the Brussels sprouts recipe, and use them with some sweet potatoes for a mouth-watering, sweet side dish.

carrot souffleCarrot Soufflé

This recipe makes a great alternative to sweet potatoes.  The texture is lighter and fluffier than you would think possible from two pounds of carrots.

Potato and Celery Root Mash

Take a traditional Thanksgiving side dish and add some flavor.  By mixing celery root in with creamy Yukon gold potatoes, you will have a dish that goes with almost any entrée.

brie and chive biscuitsBrie and Chive Biscuits

These are probably the richest and most flavorful biscuits you will see at a dinner table.  Adding Brie to a made-from-scratch biscuit recipe makes such a difference in taste.

Wide Rice and Mushroom Pilaf with Cranberries

This is a recipe that incorporates the traditional cranberry element but also makes a dish that’s as good to look at as it is to eat.

We hope these recipes make your Thanksgiving gathering the best it can be. From the Elmhurst Jaguar family to yours, have a Happy Holiday!


Jaguar to Release AWD F-Type


Several months ago, Elmhurst Jaguar teased a rumor that the highly anticipated F-Type would be receiving an all-wheel drive version. That rumor has been confirmed and the AWD F-Type was be unveiled at the L.A. Auto Show on November 19th.

There won’t be much difference in the outward appearance from the standard F-Type model and the AWD version, except for a badge on the trunk lid proclaiming it as a special variant. The real action occurs behind the wheel and that is where Jaguar enthusiasts will feel the difference. It is something that will benefit many kinds of drivers, especially those in the midwest area.

Having all-wheel drive in a vehicle that is already a force to be reckoned with means more control for the driver. This can be a good thing for those who really love to take their cars to the limits on the open roads. For drivers with less than ideal driving conditions during a large portion of the year, having AWD is essential. The all-wheel drive will be paired with the Jaguar Intelligent Driveline Dynamics Stability system, which detects when roads are less than ideal for driving and automatically adjusts the drive power between the front and AWD. Those who hesitated to have an F-Type of their own due to inclement whether can now feel confident in their luxury sports car choice.

The F-Type lineup will all have the option to upgrade to an AWD version except for the F-Type R coupe. That coupe will come with AWD as a standard feature. No specifications have been officially released yet about the AWD F-Type models, but expect your 0-60 mph time to decrease but your top speed to stay about the same.

If you want a taste of what all-wheel drive feels like now, come take a spin behind the wheel of one of our Jaguar XF AWD models. Stay tuned for more news about the F-TYPE coming to Elmhurst Jaguar.


New Manufacturing Plant Opens in the United Kingdom


It has been an exciting couple of weeks for the Jaguar Land Rover Corporation. Elmhurst Jaguar is pleased to announce that yet another manufacturing plant has opened its doors. In addition to the new plant opening in China, Jaguar Land Rover has opened a new factory in the United Kingdom.

The plant is located in Wolverhampton which is a mere 53 miles away from the company’s headquarters in Whitley, Coventry. It cost around $800 million dollars (a little over ₤500 million) and officially opened on October 30th. The opening was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II, arriving in a Range Rover to the event. She was accompanied by her husband and Tata Motor’s Ratan Tata.

The opening of the plant signified a momentous day for both Jaguar Land Rover and for the United Kingdom. The plant will build engines for both Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles produced in the U.K. This will cut expenditures significantly since the company previously relied on outsourced labor to provide engines for their vehicles. The return benefits will far outweigh the hefty price tag for the facility.

As for the benefits to the nation, the plant opening means that 1,400 people now have jobs and several thousands more will be employed as subcontractors for the company. This business venture is a great boost for the United Kingdom economy.

The factory is also home to one of the largest arrays of solar panels in the United Kingdom, making the building environmentally friendly and efficient. The first engines to be produced are the 2.0-L diesel engines for the new Jaguar XE models.

The Jaguar Land Rover grand openings don’t stop there. There is another building being constructed for the Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations Team England. There are also rumors that a factory could be built in the United States in the near future.

Opening new factories means that cars can be exported to other regions more quickly. So expect to see more models very soon here at Elmhurst Jaguar.

Driving a Classic: Jaguar Launches Heritage Driving Program

Vintage etypephoto credit:

If you have ever seen a classic Jaguar vehicle in person, the urge to get behind the wheel is undeniable.  The Jaguar car brand has created machines that simply beg to be driven.  While many of the newer vehicles you will find at Elmhurst Jaguar are modeled after those original sports cars, there is nothing like feeling the power and exhilaration of a classic like a Jaguar D-Type from the 1950’s.  Few have experienced that feeling, but now there is an opportunity to be one of those lucky few with the Heritage Driving Program.

There is place that was created for drivers who have the urge to take a classic Jaguar powerhouse for a spin.  That place is called the Heritage Driving Experience in England, and it is open to those who are willing to pay a fee to drive a one-of-a-kind car.  These are vehicles that are rarely seen anymore, let alone driven.

The smallest fees include a ride in the passenger seat in one of three classic Jaguars: The D-Type, the E-Type or the XK150.  Being a passenger costs ₤95, which is a little over $120 USD.  Jump up to ₤135 and you can be the driver of a XK150 or MKII.  To get the driving experience of an E-Type or F-Type, you will pay ₤275.  For the special F-Type R or D-Type you will pay a little more at ₤275.  If these prices seem a bit steep for a test drive, keep in mind that a classic Jaguar D-Type once sold for ₤2,201,500 (that’s almost $2.8 million in USD).

If you are looking for more than a spin around the track in one of these classic beauties, you can always sign up for the half-day or full-day driving experiences.  A half-day of driving will cost you ₤750 and the full day will cost ₤2000.  No matter which you choose, refreshments will be provided as well as a guided tour of the “Perfect Ten” collection of some of the most important Jaguar vehicles ever created.  There are also a few driving options to compare the new models with their classic car inspirations, like the new F-Type and the classic E-Type.

Reservations for the Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience are extremely limited.  If you don’t plan on making a trip to England any time soon, come to Elmhurst Jaguar at 490 W. Lake Street and we will be glad to provide you with your own driving experience in one of the most sought-after luxury sports vehicles in the world.

Jaguar Land Rover Announces Opening of First Plant in China

Jaguar Plant ChinaPhoto credit:

Automakers all over the globe are scrambling to be a part of one of the fastest growing car consumer markets…China.  Car sales in the world’s third largest country are on the rise, and now is the time to take advantage of it. Elmhurst Jaguar is excited about the growth of the manufacturer, and the decision to open up the first Jaguar manufacturing plant in the region.

The new plant was opened October 21st, 2014 in Changshu, which is only an hour and half drive from China’s most populated city, Shanghai.  The plant came with a high price tag– just under $1.3 billion dollars. While that may seem like an incredible amount of money, the trade-off savings will be well worth it.  Jaguar sales are on the rise everywhere, and people in China are buying more and more luxury vehicles.  By bringing the vehicles directly to the market where they are most in demand, Jaguar cuts back on expensive export costs. This also keeps the price of vehicles lower, and therefore more available to drivers in China.

The factory is expected to produce around 130,000 vehicles a year.  The first of those vehicles will be the Land Rover Evoque. Two more vehicles will be added by 2016 if sales go as predicted.

As of now, this is the first manufacturing plant outside of the United Kingdom for Jaguar Land Rover. Their base of operations is still in Whitley, Coventry, England and there are three other plants open besides the new one in China.  Judging by the current sales predictions, this may be a move to encourage Jaguar Land Rover to open manufacturing plants in other parts of the world.  It is not out of the realm of possibility to see a plant near us here at Elmhurst Jaguar.

The opening of another factory in a high-demand market also takes off the work load at the current factories in the United Kingdom. This means that the British Jaguar production facility can focus more on producing more vehicles in other markets, including us here in the United States.

With many new exciting Jaguar models coming out for 2015 and 2016, this means that you could be driving your new Jaguar sooner rather than later. Stop by Elmhurst Jaguar to see our quality selection, or call us at 888-805-7455 today!

Last Year’s Advertising Campaign for Jaguar


Jaguar1Jaguar Elmhurst thoroughly enjoyed the “It’s Good to be Bad” campaign launched during last year’s Super Bowl. It was in honor of the release of the highly anticipated Jaguar F-Type and was one of the most popular ads run during America’s big game. The ads concentrated on the sleek and sexy side of Jaguar’s latest design concept and the feel of the commercials fit that idea perfectly. Now Jaguar is focusing on the technology of all their latest vehicles.

The first of these ads stars popular British actor Nicholas Hoult. While Hoult may be known for his roles as a hero in several new X-Men films, he has stepped into the role of a villainous mastermind for these commercials. It’s all the name of good fun and good advertising for the new features that make Jaguar vehicles better than ever.

Rather than focusing on specific technology features, the ads give Jaguar a feeling of superiority in the automotive industry while relating to the public in an entertaining way. In the commercials you will not see one particular new feature of Jaguar’s models favored over another. However, it is no secret that the up-and-coming Jaguar XE is a technology contender in its class. The newest models have the best in safety technology and engine performance, but they also have features that this generation of car buyer is looking for. The 2016 Jaguar XE will have the most user-friendly Infotainment system that can integrate with both Apple and Android operating systems and can also be its own Wi-Fi hotspot. The Jaguar XE will also join the ranks of its competitors by offering Heads-Up technology that displays pertinent information on the wind screen in front of the driver.

Expect more advertisements exploring the wide range of entertainment, operational and safety technology. If they are anything like what Nicholas Hoult has given us so far, they are sure to be memorable. Jaguar Elmhurst will be looking forward to it and will share them with you soon.

Jaguar Adds Diesel Options to XE Lineup

jaguar xeThe release of the all new 2016 Jaguar XE is looming on the horizon.  There have been several unveilings and promotional parties, sneak peaks of some of the features of the 2016 XE as well as several forms of artistic expression inspired by the highly anticipated vehicle.  The XE will please many car enthusiasts with its stylish appearance, superior performance and new-age versatility. The target market of XE buyers has expanded with a few additions to the lineup.

The XE lineup will now include another 2.0-L diesel and a 2.0-L petrol turbo engine.  Diesel versions of Jaguar vehicles are a common sight in European countries, so the announcement of these two vehicles may not seem like an exciting subject. The addition of these vehicles will mean even more options when it comes time to purchase your new 2016 Jaguar XE.

The original 2.0 L turbodiesel XE got a recorded 161 hp. The alternative turbodiesel can get up to 178 hp and 36 lb/ft more torque than the original.  The petrol turbo engine’s details have not been officially released but it’s expected to be yet another enticing option for car drivers in the European segment.

The 2016 XE is already an impressive vehicle.  It is a compact sports sedan that will be heavy competition for the likes of BMW and Mercedes.  Not only is it based off the stylish XF and XJ models, but its frame is newly designed to give drivers more power and safety without decreasing fuel economy.  A large percentage of the XE is made with recycled aluminum parts that lessen the impact on the environment while utilizing the latest in car-making technology.

Speaking of technology, Elmhurst Jaguar is especially excited to see the new infotainment system in place in the XE.  It will be hard to top the integrated system that is compatible with both Android and Apple operating systems.  You can control almost any comfort and entertainment feature using hands-free technology.  Important information can also be displayed on the wind screen in front of the driver using the state-of-the-art Head-Up feature.

There is a lot to be excited for in the next year and we will keep you updated on all the new announcements coming from Jaguar.