Introducing The Powerful F-Type S

jaguar f type sThe Jaguar F-Type has made its name in a market dominated by many choices of luxury sport vehicles.  It has the style and comfort department covered and it most definitely has the power craved by Jaguar enthusiasts.

The nostalgic design, inspired by the Jaguar D-type from the 1950’s, created a machine that catches the eye of everyone it meets.  They look outstanding in our showroom here at Elmhurst Jaguar, although they don’t stay very long.

The F-Type convertibles are available now, but we are making room for the F-Type coupes that are expected to arrive soon.  The coupe version of the popular F-Type is just as powerful as the first-released convertible, and the F-Type S is a force to be reckoned with.

The F-Type S was designed as a sport’s car first with luxury added in.  The standard engine is a Supercharged 380 hp V6 with a top speed of 171 mph.  It sits on 19 inch Propeller alloy wheels that carry your F-Type from 0-60 mph in a mere 4.8 seconds.  All of this power and the F-Type S still gets an astounding 27 mpg.

You can also choose to get the Supercharged V8 with a QuickShift automatic transmission.  This adds a couple more cylinders, which moves the F-Type S to top speeds of 186 mph and a leap up to 495 hp.  The V8 F-Type S still gets great fuel economy at 23 mpg.

Whether you choose to come and get your F-Type S convertible now or hold off until we get the first F-Type coupes, you will be given many options to make your new Jag your own.  There are plenty of features that already come standard, such as a high performance braking system and a switch to activate the Dynamic mode.

The Dynamic mode calibrates the vehicle’s response systems, such as the throttle, gear shifts and suspension, at higher engine speeds to help keep all that power under control.  Limited slip differential also comes standard to help keep the F-Type S steady around curves and in less-than-ideal driving conditions.

All these features and more are available with the F-Type S from Elmhurst Jaguar.  There has never been a better time to test drive the sports vehicle of your dreams.

LA Times Features Jaguar F-Type with Enthusiastic Review

elmhurst jaguar-jaguar f-type A recent article in the LA Times featured the 2015 Jaguar F-Type coupe along with a test-driver perspective review.  The review is nothing that we haven’t heard before here at Elmhurst Jaguar, but we still love hearing it…the F-Type is sleek, powerful and sexy.

The article tells of a car that stands out in an auto niche that is largely dominated by vehicles like the Porsche.  It is true that a large amount of Jaguar drivers today have been loyal Jaguar drivers in the past, or know someone directly who had a Jaguar at some time. While Jaguar appreciates and thrives on brand loyalty, it is time to release a vehicle on the streets that catches the eye of drivers everywhere.

The F-Type convertible has already been met with enthusiastic reviews and initial orders speak of the amazing start of a new era.  Naturally, the next step was to bring out the hard-top version of this classic-feeling road machine.

Take a trip down memory lane and recall the shiver that ran down your spine at seeing the Jaguar D-Type speed around the track.  It is something that became what many still think of as the “Jaguar look”.  Designers came up with the F-Type by tapping into the features that made the D-Type so popular and desirable and added in all the modern day tweaks that new generations are looking for.

All the power expected from a Jag are still there, with a 340 hp, 3.0 L V6 that comes standard.  Of course you could always choose to go with the 5.0 L V8 with 496 hp.  Either way, sitting behind the wheel will be a ride on the luxurious side.

Optional features include dual climate control, configurable ambient interior lighting, a beautiful panoramic glass roof, and even a switch of the exhaust configuration to let that intimidating-sounding engine be heard even more.

You can be sure that not long after the F-Type coupe starts arriving here at Elmhurst Jaguar, you will be seeing more articles about the Jaguar everyone wants to drive.  This is just the beginning of the revolution.

Jaguar F-Type Convertible vs. Coupe

jaguar f typeThe release of Jaguar’s new front runner last year was a convertible.  The F-Type first hit the streets with a soft top, appealing to the fair-weather luxury drivers that demand a car that is as powerful as it is stylish.  What comes next is a hard-topped version of the vehicle that has classic car enthusiasts reminiscing of Jaguar’s glory days and drivers of modern sports luxury cars standing up and taking notice.  Here at Elmhurst Jaguar we are anxious to have it front and center in our showroom.

The base model of the Jaguar F-Type coupe is similar to the previously released convertible.  It starts with a 340 horse power 3.0 liter super charged V6 engine.  If you upgrade to an F-Type S that bumps the horse power up to 380 and shaves off a little time reaching 60 mph.

There is a big difference in the F-Type R from the other F-Types.  The power in this coupe is charged up significantly.  With an F-Type R you will be in control of a 550 horsepower, 5.0 liter V8 engine that will get you cruising at 60 mph in a mere 4 seconds.

The engineers at Jaguar took the chassis of the convertible and made it about 80 percent more rigid in the coupe, making this extra power easier to manage.  Having a hard top also makes your ride a lot quieter, since all that power makes itself heard.

The coupe has a very appealing option of turning that hard top into a panoramic window.  With this upgrade, you can leave the shade open and have the same feel of a convertible without all the wind.  The aerodynamics are optimized by the F-Type’s sleek and sensual body lines, ending at a tail end that will have people doing a double take as you drive by.

The front is wide with the classic cat-eye lights that can be upgraded to Adaptive High Beams that adjust to your driving to maximize safety at night.  The door handles actually recess automatically into the door to take the aerodynamics a step further.   To top off all the great features of the F-Type coupe is the fact that a coupe will cost you several thousands less than its convertible equivalent.

The F-Type coupe won’t be out until spring of next year, but until then come by Elmhurst Jaguar and check out the F-Type convertible and see which one is the best vehicle for you.

Jaguar Convertible Gains Popularity in South Africa

jaguar f type coupeTemperatures are on the rise here in the Elmhurst area, but the opposite is happening in South Africa.  The coldest days of the year are starting up now, so you would think that soft-top vehicle sales might start to decline. That may be true…for Jaguar’s competitors.  Sales of the new Jaguar F-Type are climbing and many of them are the convertible version of the sleek and stylish new powerhouse. We here at Elmhurst Jaguar understand how much there is to love about the Jaguar F-Type.

The numbers are showing that despite the overall slump in vehicle sales, wealthy South Africans still want the best of the best. The new Jaguar F-Type seems to be the vehicle of choice.

In the past nine months, Jaguar has sold more convertible luxury vehicles than anyone else in South Africa.  Worldwide, Jaguar sales are up over nineteen percent.  It’s no wonder the F-Type is being snatched off showroom floors.  Standard features include a 360 hp V6 Supercharged engine with speeds reaching up to 171 mph, Jaguar’s High Performance Braking system with stylish brake calipers, and an Active Sport Exhaust. It also has a limited slip differential, a Sport Suspension with Adaptive Dynamics and the interior of the car is customized with your choice of five ambient light colors.

Just because the weather isn’t ideal for a top-down ride through the countryside doesn’t mean that the F-Type is an impractical vehicle.  It sits on sturdy 19 inch Propeller alloy wheels and has features like electric folding heated mirrors to beat the winter blues and wait for the perfect day to really enjoy it the way it was meant to be…topless.

With sales on the F-Type convertible continuing to increase, Jaguar expects to see similar or even better results when the F-Type Coupe is released into the South African auto market.

The 2015 F-Type Coupe is available now at Elmhurst Jaguar. We recently held a celebration for the most anticipated car to arrive at our location in a long time.  On June 28th shoppers had the opportunity to test drive a new F-Type while being served refreshments.  We had a great time. Don’t worry if you missed it. You can still stop over and learn more about the new F-Type Coupe or show for other Jaguar models.

Ultimate Jaguar Unleashed at GoodWood Festival of Speed

jaguar project 7Speculation as to which secret vehicle Jaguar was bringing to the table at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed leaned towards a super-charged limited edition F-Type.  It indeed turned out to be such a vehicle, but it was also much more than we were hoping for here at Elmhurst Jaguar.  The Project 7 Jaguar F-Type is everything you can want in the highly anticipated F-Type with even more muscle and style added in.

The F-Type concept car was originally revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2013.  Designs for that vehicle skimmed off the models of the legendary D-Type Jaguars.  The designers at Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations division grabbed the F-Type that will soon be arriving to dealerships in the United States and added twenty-five more horsepower and an even more retro look.

The limited edition Project 7 version of the F-Type will have a 5.0-L V8 engine with a whopping 575 horsepower.  This means this F-Type convertible will go from 0-60mph in only 3.8 seconds. The top speed is capped at 186 mph.  If you crunch the numbers, it’s possible to reach the electronically determined top speed in about twelve seconds.

The speed is helped by lightening up the vehicle using increasingly popular carbon fiber components for the front splitter, the rear diffuser and the side skirts.  Designers also shortened the windscreen from the original F-Type models.  There have also been some tweaks to the chassis and carbon-cermic brakes are used to help keep this beast in control.  While this Project 7 F-Type from Jaguar is totally road legal, a five-point racing harness is an available option and may be a good idea since this is the most powerful Jaguar ever created.

Only 250 of these vehicles are being made by the Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations division and getting hold of one will be tricky.  If one makes its way to the area, Elmhurst Jaguar will make sure you know of it.  The official numbers from the Goodwood Festival of Speed are still coming in, but for up-to-date information about the event where the newest Jaguar has made its entrance, visit Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Jay Leno Takes Jaguar XKSS for a Spin

The Jaguar D-Type vehicle was designed specifically for the race circuit.  It was first created in 1954 and raced in the prestigious Le Mans race in France. The first year it was entered into the race, it reached top speeds of 172.8 mph.  The D-Type won three years in a row before retiring in 1957.  When Jaguar made the decision to pull out of the racing circuit, the D-Type was altered to become the next raciest road vehicle.

And so was born the Jaguar XKSS.

Only sixteen of the iconic Jaguar XKSS vehicles were made before a factory fire on February 12th 1957. Most of those cars were sold here in the United States. After the factory was destroyed, Jaguar stopped making the XKSS, thus making the car an extremely limited edition.

Very few alterations were made converting the D-Type into a road-ready XKSS.  Some of the biggest changes were adding a passenger side door and removing the large racing fin from behind the driver’s side.  The other changes were centered around making the car more comfortable to drive and making it legal to drive on the road.

The most iconic Jaguar XKSS was the “Green Rat” driven by Steve McQueen.  It was his own personal vehicle and cost about $5000 when it was brand new and now is worth upwards of $3 million.  The famous actor and racer sold his car in the 1960’s, but regretted his decision and eventually bought the vehicle back.

The Green Rat is once again in the spot-light.  Jay Leno, one of TV’s greatest and most well-known primetime talk show hosts, recently took the green Jaguar XKSS for a spin.  Jay Leno is the host of the internet series Jay Leno’s Garage.  The show features vehicles of all different types. Many of them are very rare, unique and valuable and from his own collection.  Jay Leno owns over 880 vehicles, among those are a 1986 Lamborghini Countach, a 1903 Stanley Steamer and a 1955 Buick Roadmaster.

The Jaguar XKSS paved the way to many of the design ideas seen in a lot of the newest models of Jaguars.  Come by Elmhurst Jaguar and let us show you how elements of the classics are still used today. We have a fantastic selection of only the best new and used Jaguar vehicles. Stop by and take one for a test drive today!

Elmhurst Firemen Want You to ‘Fill the Boot’

elmhurst firemenHave you spotted any firemen or women standing at an intersections holding boots and asking for donations?  It’s all for a good reason.  The firefighters from Local 3541 are taking donations to help families that desperately need your help…some of them in our own area.

We here at Elmhurst Jaguar think this is a great way for people to donate to a good cause and help out those in need. The money collected from the donations gathered by the firefighters will go to research for treatments and cures for muscle diseases, care for families in need and further promotion of awareness of diseases like muscular dystrophy.

This is a partnership between the International Association of Firefighters and the Muscular Dystrophy Association that is sixty years strong and has been very successful in the past.  Over those sixty years, the IAFF has raised over $530 million for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  The MDA is the world’s leading non-profit agency devoted to finding treatments and cures for muscle diseases.

Muscular dystrophy is a genetic disorder that causes muscles to weaken over time.  Depending on the severity of the dystrophy, a person’s life can be severely impacted and even shortened.  Although it is classified as a “rare” disease, affecting less than 200,000 in the U.S., the problems that are associated with this disease can be devastating for the individual and for their family.

Some of the programs that the donations fund include summer camps for children affected by muscle diseases like muscular dystrophy.  The camps are run by experienced health professionals and highly trained volunteers to give children a week of fun and independence in a safe environment.  This also means that parents and regular care-givers can get their own week-long break knowing their children are in good hands.

The firefighters and MDA volunteers will be at the following Intersections:

  • York Road and North Avenue
  • York Road and St. Charles
  • York Road and Butterfield

They were out there on June 6th and will be there again on June 13th and June 20th.

Join Elmhurst Jaguar and donate to help families affected by muscular dystrophy.  To learn more about the Fill the Boot program, visit and to learn more about muscles diseases such as muscular dystrophy visit

Jaguar E-Type Returns as Lightweight Limited Edition

jaguar e typeIn 1961, a legend created by Malcolm Sayer was released into the auto market.  Also known as the XK-E, over 70,000 Jaguar E-Types were sold all over the world.  It was recently named number one on the Daily Telegraph’s “World’s 100 Most Beautiful Cars” of all time.  The beloved and popular vehicle was made more special when it was redesigned as a limited edition “Lightweight” E-type.

The lightweight version of the E-type was an extremely limited production.  In fact, only eighteen cars were scheduled to be made.  Among the eighteen chassis that were produced, only twelve actual vehicles were fully made…until now.  This is very exciting since most of us at Elmhurst have only dreamed of driving a limited edition E-type.

Jaguar has started up the process of making the last remaining six E-type lightweight cars.  The top designers of the company are on this project and are making the vehicles with the exact specifications as the cars from the 1960’s.  It’s been fifty years since the last E-Type rolled out of production but the team heading up this venture is not going to disappoint the die-hard Jaguar enthusiasts by changing a thing.

To convert a standard E-type to the lightweight limited edition that is sought after by collectors all over the world, you have to shave off about two-hundred and fifty pounds.  The frame and engine block were changed over to all aluminum and the interior trim and exterior chrome were taken out.  The side windows were hand operated and made of lightweight material.  Jaguar designers are even going to put in the originally designed engine; the 3.8-L “straight-six”.

The E-types were amazing to look at, and it’s no wonder Enzo Ferrari called it the “most beautiful car ever made”. But the lightweight versions were made for racing.  The reasoning behind the lightening of the original vehicle was to increase high-speed performance on the roads.

Be on the lookout for the first “new” E-Type to show itself sometime this summer.  Elmhurst Jaguar looks forward to bringing you the latest information on this icon recreation.

2015 Jaguar F-Type R is Ready for Your Driveway

2015 jaguar f type r coupeThe new 2015 Jaguar F-Types are rolling out to dealerships all over the world, including Elmhurst Jaguar!  Here at our Elmhurst dealership we have space ready for the highly anticipated new release of Jaguar’s latest beast…although they are not going to sit here for long.

The F-type convertible was revealed first before the coupe, which is somewhat opposite of what is traditionally seen in most auto makers.  The convertible was met with positive reviews and gets high marks in both performance and looks. However, it’s the F-type R coupe that has unanimously been marked as the car to drive if you are looking for a true Jaguar experience.

The Jaguar name has always been synonymous with power and sleekness.  The past few cars that have been produced from Jaguar factories have been impressive, but the company wants to step it up and reach back to the glory days for a sharper new image.  The F-Type definitely gives a nostalgic feel but the car has kept up with the times as well. The F-Type R has been given an engine that makes it a force to be reckoned with on the open road.

When you turn on the F-Type R, the rumble of the V8 pours through the exhaust with a sound that doesn’t need to be aided with artificial noise from the speakers.  There are 542 horses under the hood that gets the car from 0-60 in 4.0 seconds.  The incredible power is contained by an ultra stable frame.

The convertibles’ soft tops make it difficult to outfit them with such a powerful engine, which is why the high-end engine is well below the power of the coupe’s engine.  In fact, the F-Type R is said to be Jaguar’s most rigidly built car to date.

For the first time, Jaguar is including a new torque vectoring-by-brake system in the F-Type R.  This is combined with a second-generation electronic differential to improve handling and helps you put a leash on all this power while you are behind the wheel. There is also a Dynamic mode that you can shift into that improves steering precision and tightens the suspension even further, letting you take those turns at speeds that make all other coupes jealous.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to put an F-Type R in your garage, contact us here at Elmhurst Jaguar to schedule a test drive.  Once you slide behind the wheel of this monster, all other cars will surely be forgotten.

Meet the Fiercely Powerful Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

jaguar f type r coupeThe past several years have yielded luxurious vehicles from Jaguar.  However the public has been clamoring for a nod to the cars of the past that gave Jaguar its exclusivity and desirability.  The recent release of the new Jaguar F-Type has met the satisfaction of die-hard Jaguar enthusiasts, and the F-Type R model has gone above and beyond their expectations.

Everyone here at Elmhurst Jaguar agrees that the F-Type R coupe is a thrill.  This vehicle was made for dominating the road in style.  There are a ton of luxury coupes hitting the market this year and Jaguar has succeeded in creating a vehicle that truly stands out and will get you noticed.  The powerful R coupe sits low and wide with an almost exaggerated hood, reminiscent of the designs that made Jaguar a bold contender in the car market.

The Jaguar F-Type convertible was released first before the coupe, which is another way that Jaguar remains unique.  The impressive F-Type convertible paved the way to a hard top power house that tucked in the practical and let loose the fun.

jaguar f type r coupe interiorLooking at the interior, you will be seated on sinful premium leather performance seats.  The interior comes in your choice of seven different color themes.  You will be serenaded by the best sound from the Meridian Surround System 770W.  If you want the airy feeling of a convertible inside the security of a coupe, you can opt for the panoramic glass roof in your R coupe.  An interior shade brings you seclusion when you need it.  Technology options are not lacking and blend in with the sophistication of the materials inside.

The exterior is pleasing, the interior is very comfortable, but the real story is what is under the hood.  This beast is powered by a 5.0-L V8 engine that gets an impressive 550 hp and 502 lb/ft of torque.  That means you are reported to reach 60 mph in a mere 4 seconds.  With this robust engine, you can still expect to get up to 23 mpg.

There are many options, accessories and colors to choose from. Come down to our dealership at Elmhurst Jaguar and let us help you build your new dream coupe!