Jaguar’s Newest Engine to be Offered in Upcoming XE Sedan

The latest addition to the Ingenium family of Jaguar engines will emerge in the all-new compact sport sedan – the 2.0 liter four-cylinder Jaguar XE.

This premium line of engines will be produced in Jaguar’s new Wolverhampton facility, offering an architecture that is flexible enough to accommodate in-line and transverse installations, while being used in both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive layouts.

During a speech at the Geneva Auto Show, chief executive officer, Jaguar land Rover, Dr.Ralf Speth, announced that the new Ingenium engines would also be lightweight, low-friction, and low emission.

The Ingenium family of engines will be, expectantly, more efficient than the super charged 3.0 liter V6 that currently graces the Jag’s XF and F-Type vehicles.

Surprisingly, the car maker has revealed that the very same 3.0 liter V6 will also be available in the new compact sedan. Roll out of the initial pre-production diesel engines is set to happen soon, while their gas counterparts are due for production in 2015.

It is heavily speculated that the 3.0 liter version of the XE will be capable of reaching a top speed of 186 mph. Enthusiasts can also expect this engine to put out something close to 335 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque – a respectable amount of power – minus all of the extra emissions.

This vehicle’s potential to go from 0 to 60 in 5.1 seconds, should make for a stealthy battle between the XE and the BMW 3-series.

For those Jag lovers that can handle the power of even more ponies under the hood, the XE will be offered in a V6S trim that produces a high performing 375bph and 339 pound feet of torque, all with the ability to sprint 171 mph, while accelerating from 0-60 in 4.8 seconds.

The XE will be built with advanced high performance characteristics that are environmental friendly and powerful to boot. Its engine uses a 10.5:1 compression ratio which is improved by a Roots-type twin-vortex supercharger for more response.

While the Jaguar XE is expected to make its global debut in 2015, it won’t reach U.S. shores until early 2016.

In a market that has heavily shifted toward the entry-level sports sedan, getting a leg up on the competition (namely the BMW 3-series) with an affordably priced luxury vehicle in the neighborhood of about $35,000, is crucial. In other words, this is one Jag that can’t make its presence known soon enough. Visit Elmhurst Jaguar for a full selection of new and used jaguar vehicles.

2015 C-X17: Jaguar’s New Crossover SUV

jaguar cx17Car makers know that with the rising popularity of Crossover Sports Utility Vehicles there’s no time like the present to get into this burgeoning automotive growth market.

After all, the world’s leading premium automotive brands have finally come into their own: Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Porsche – even Lamborghini and Bentley are bringing up the rear – showcasing upcoming super premium CUV concepts of their own.

It’s difficult to imagine that prior to constructing the C-X17 concept vehicle, Jaguar was not fully sold on the idea of adding an SUV to its prestigious line up.  As the car maker’s Design Director, Ian Callum put it, “Jaguars were always low slung,” which makes it easier to see why building an SUV proved to be bit of a challenge for the brand. See a walk-around of the 2015 Jaguar C-X17 SUV Concept here:

However, at 4,718mm long, 1,959 mm wide, and 1,649 mm tall, the C-X17 was constructed with a 2,905 mm wheelbase that sits on split five-spoke 23-inch alloys, at approximately 212mm above ground.  Clearly, Callum and his crew got the logistics right for this one.

Consider for a moment, the challenge of designing an SUV based on the platform and chassis of a sports car. There are various elements of some platforms that are not readily compatible with a crossover model.

But for Jaguar, a new iQ (AL) platform gave the brand exactly what it needed: more design leeway.  With the combination of the XF base and a new technology that features an exclusively designed aluminum monocoque platform, the C-X17 has emerged lightweight, durable, and rigid at the same time.

As off-road characteristics become a factor in the world of cross over vehicles, car companies like Jaguar must devise a well-balanced mix of opulence, comfort, and performance away from city streets.

While still a long way off from the lines of production, Jaguar assured enthusiasts that its concept vehicle will be showroom ready in the next few years. Here at Elmhurst Jaguar we are thrilled for the release of this new crossover and can’t wait to offer it to customers. The Jaguar C-X17 will be introduced through the C-X17’s world tour. Making its debut in Frankfurt, the C-X17 Jaguar also made an appearance in South Africa, the fifth country in the world to witness the concept.

While the world waits to see the kind of power this new vehicle will bring, Jaguar fans can be sure the C-X17 sports crossover will be a turning point for the car-maker. According to Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar’s Brand Director, “this new philosophy will bring technology from our luxury products into an accessible price segment, and when combined with our new ultra-efficient engines, we will set a global standard.”

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Jaguar Brand Leverages Social Media Platforms

jag commercialIt might be true that British luxury car maker, Jaguar, is a smaller contender in the larger automotive world. That’s not to say the company is unknown in the States, but only that it is considered a lightweight contestant amongst heavyweights like Mercedes, Audi and BMW.

With a little help from their new social media campaign, that could change. With a lot of help from their ad firm, Jaguar is looking to acknowledge their underdog status and use it to their advantage. The opening salvo in the new ad war was Jaguar’s Super Bowl commercial.

The sixty-second spot, titled “Rendez-Vous”, featured three British actors renowned for portraying villainous characters on the big screen. The angle is that Brits are often cast as the bad guys in Hollywood movies. Not thugs necessarily, but sophisticated, wealthy, stylish ne’er do wells. Jaguar is seeking to capitalize that in a tongue-in-cheek way and having an Academy Award winning actor like Sir Ben Kingsley never hurts, villain or not.

The commercial was just the launching point for Jaguar’s “good to be bad” campaign. Like any competitive company in any market across industries, social media is key and is being well integrated into the overall strategy. Jaguar has a presence in social media to be sure. Google Plus, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are all being employed by Jaguar to get the message out. And of course, they’re on Facebook with one million plus “likes”.

The campaign was designed to promote the Jaguar F-Type Coupe which is being cast as the main villain in this scenario. Is it risky to cast your product as villainous? That remains to be seen. Jaguar is betting that the tie-in to Hollywood will conjure up images more of James Bond villains than kneecap-breaking thugs and that audiences will connect with the glamour and style and not a life of crime. The F-Type Coupe is certainly a sleek and stylish luxury automobile that may appeal to those who want to cultivate a bad boy or bad girl persona.

With Twitter being a major center of focus for Super Bowl advertisers in 2014 —a trend that should continue at least in the next several years—the hashtag #goodtobebad has been secured by Jaguar to further establish the campaign in the public’s mind. There were a record number of retweets about Super Bowl ads this year and with 57 percent of the ads shown during the game containing hashtags, the fact is Twitter holds sway over advertisers.

The 20,000 hits to Jaguar’s website after the commercial aired proves the results. In keeping with the villainous theme, Jaguar had a social media team standing by ready to not only defend its own position, but to playfully counter their competitors, at one point even taking a jab at Maserati’s new Ghibli by implying the car was full of hot air. This could at the very least be an entertaining media war.

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Jaguar XK: The True Grand Tourer

jaguar xkBritish car maker, Jaguar, has been producing the XK series for almost twenty years now. This sleek and sporty grand tourer is available in both a coupe and a convertible version. The term grand tourer, or GT, is often misused when describing luxury autos.

A grand tourer is only fit to bear the name, according to automotive experts, if it was designed specifically as such. Meaning, the car must allow for the driver and one passenger to travel in luxury, style and comfort with performance an equally important aspect. A GT should allow for superior driver handling at top cruising speeds.

Safety and Performance

Grand tourers are designed with special attention paid to handling and the driver should be able exert total control of the vehicle at top (legal) speeds. The Jaguar XK meets these demands. The vehicle has a 5.0L 385 HP engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission and can reach top speeds of 155 mph.

For safety, the XK features a four channel, anti-locking braking system and the Adaptive Restrain Technology System which uses sensors to measure the proportions of the driver and front seat passenger in order to position air bags and seat belts. Added safety features include Emergency Brake Assist and the Electronic Brake-force distribution and Rollover Protection System for the convertible models.

Luxury Interior

As for luxury, the Jaguar XK is certainly a top contender in this area as well. There is soft grain leather on the seats and the door and instrument panels. The power adjusted seats are heated or cooled to your comfort (the steering wheel is heated as well).

The XK also features the Jaguar Smart Key System for both keyless entry and ignition. There’s also a seven inch touch-screen in full color with GPS navigation and trip computer. Also included are options for satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port for your gadgets like iPods or other MP3 players.


The XK delivers style on the outside courtesy of the 20 inch Orona alloy wheels and an aluminum alloy body. The XK convertible will get the wind blowing through your hair in under twenty seconds at a speed of up to 15 miles per hour. When the triple-lined fabric of the top is lowered, it disappears seamlessly into the body of the automobile.

Luxury auto purists will have little to find fault with in the XK, as this model was designed to be a top GT and it certainly delivers on that promise. Stop over to Elmhurst Jaguar to learn more about the Jaguar XK convertible that will be perfect to get you excited for spring!

Jaguar F-Type Finds Perfect Blend of Classic and New

jaguar f typeJaguar first entered the scene in 1961 with the E-Type, a gorgeous combination of style, power, and superior handling. After a fifty-year nap, the F-Type was spotted in the Navarre region of Northern Spain confidently handling the Pyrenean Foothills.

The Jaguar F-Type looks nothing like the E-Type, but maybe bears more of a resemblance to the C-Type and is a likely competitor for the Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet.

Its proportions give hint to its iconic legacy and its Aerodynamic performance: steering, chassis, suspension and brakes all work to deliver shaper responses.

The sophisticated airflow technology allows it to float like the wind while its new body type provides low levels of lift and tremendously high speed stability.  Given 3.8 more inches of body space, the F-Type is made of aluminum, making it lighter and more athletic than before.

Its prowess is nothing like the British models of the 1960′s and 70′s.  This Jag has been reworked and refined. The car maker has done away with the completely smooth ride and replaced it with a rigid body structure; its suspension is ready to attack corners like the nimble feline that it’s designed to be.

The front air intakes are aggressive and a splitter under the grille and valance in the rear help manage the flow of air.

This vehicle has been equipped with loads of power. A rear spoiler it deployed as soon as the F reaches speeds over 60 mph which improves stability. A supercharged 3.0 V6 engine gives this Jag 340 horsepower of driving muscle and is capable of going from 0-60 in just 5.1 seconds.

An all new Dynamic Drive system provides the driver with the option to alter steering feel, throttle response, gear change speeds and noise from the exhaust all with just the touch of a button.

The car’s mechanical limited-slip differential separates it from other F-Types. The S and V8 S models are designed with electronically controlled bypass valves that let air flow-freely but when in motion, the valves close for a quieter ride.

Inside the F-Type combines a bit of trend and tradition as it features a driver-friendly 8 inch color console, complete with full-menu navigation, communication and entertainment package. Jaguar wanted to offer functional ergonomics with sporty-stylings.

The F-Types SportShift Selector lets you choose between auto mode and sport mode for more a more hands-on experience and a cabin design that enhances visibility while keeping distractions at a minimum.

The optimal Design Pack comes with sill extensions that reflect the color of the vehicles’ exterior and a reformulated rear bumper on some models. Adding to the endless list of features is tractable door handles that fall flush with the design of the car when not in use for an uninterrupted flow. A Panoramic glass roof gives the interior of F-Type a lighter and airier feel.

While the Jaguar F-Type is a larger more agile version of its predecessors, it also offers more power at a lower sticker price.  It brings old-school and new school together in brilliant Jaguar-like fashion.

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Jaguar Releases Special Edition Models in UK

Jaguar XK Dynamic R

Jaguar XK Dynamic R

The British car company, Jaguar, has announced the release of new two special edition models; the Dynamic R and the Signature. Both of these models are a part of Jaguar’s XK family of sporty, luxury coupes.

While both models typify Jaguar’s commitment to performance and luxury, and they feature both coupe and convertible variations, the Dynamic R is more focused on the performance side with the Signature being designed with a focus on luxury.

Jaguar’s Dynamic R can reach top speeds of 174 miles per hour, achieving zero to sixty in fewer than five seconds (4.6 to be precise). Built for performance and expert handling, the XK Dynamic R comes complete with Jaguar’s Black Dynamic Pack. Similar in all ways to the previous Dynamic Pack, the Black features additional touches, such as twenty inch gloss black Vulcan allow wheels and glossy black finish.

Jaguar XK Signature

Jaguar XK Signature

That same black finish extends to both upper and lower mesh grills as well as the side power vents and intakes and the boot lid finisher (better known as the trunk lid in the US). There are several exterior colors schemes to choose from including Rhodium Silver, Italian Racing Red, Stratus Grey, Ultimate Black and Polaris White. All of them look absolutely stunning on the road.

Similar to the Jaguar XKR-S, upgrades to the Dynamic R model include an improvement to the vehicle’s precision steering thanks to better spring and damper settings and a stiffer knuckle. This edition also incorporates the Adaptive Dynamics System which Jaguar employs in other models. This system improves control of roll and pitch rates.

There’s also a slight reduction in ride height (10mm) over the XKR-S. The XK Dynamic features a powerful 5.0 liter, supercharged V8 engine for 503 hp and 625 Nm of torque. The interior features soft grain leather and ivory stitching with several color combinations available. The Dynamic R is ready to roll at £69,950.

Where the Dynamic delivers performance, Signature delivers style, but make no mistake, the Signature series has plenty of power too. The Dynamic features a 385PS 5.0-liter V8 engine which can gain a speed of 60 mph in 5.2 seconds for the coupe and 5.3 for the convertible.

The Signature’s interior features luxury seats in a choice soft grain leather in ivory or charcoal with a canvas suede cloth headlining. The sport pedals are bright metal and figured ebony veneers add a nice touch.

Luxury, performance, power and style all go hand-in-hand with these two new special edition model. This is pretty exciting news for British auto fans as Jaguar has been a major automotive presence in Great Britain for over a century. First deliveries are expected in March and are currently only available in the UK.

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Last Chance for Tickets to the 2014 Chicago Auto Show’s First Look for Charity Friday, February 7th

First Look for CharityJoin the New Car Dealers of Chicagoland for a spectacular night out at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show’s First Look for Charity event, to take place Friday, February 7th at McCormick Place in Chicago from 7:00-11:00 pm.

This is the city of Chicago’s single largest 1-day fundraiser, and proceeds from the event benefit 18 local charitable organizations around Chicagoland. The First Look for Charity is the place for guests to see and bee seen. Get ready for an unforgettable night of first class dining and cocktails served up by the area’s finest gourmet caterers. Dance away to live musical entertainment, and of course, get an exclusive first look at the Chicago Auto Show showroom floor, the night before it opens to the public.

Tickets are priced at $250 per person, and guests can direct the proceeds of their ticket purchase to any or all of this year’s beneficiaries. $198 of each $250 ticket is tax-deductible as a charitable donation. Tickets can be purchased online here. To view a full list of the charities benefiting, click here. Guests are asked to follow tuxedo attire.Over last 22 years.The annual First Look for Charity events have raised an impressive $36 million for Chicago charities.

“Speaking for myself and all new car dealers in Chicagoland, we are so proud to be able to put on an event like this. Last year alone we raised 2.2 million for local organizations,” said Kurt Schiele, Owner of Elmhurst Toyota Scion, Elmhurst BMW, Jaguar Elmhurst and 2014 Chairman of the Chicago Auto Show.

Live entertainment for the night includes performances by Sixteen Candles, Chicagoland’s favorite 80’s cover band. Mount Prospect native and American Idol Season 9 winner Lee DeWyze will also be performing at the Ford display. Last but not least, The Chicago 6, featuring Dan Hampton, Steve McMichael and Otis Wilson will play hits from the Temptations , ZZ Top, Eddie Money, and John Mellencamp, among other classic rock hits.

This spectacular event would not be complete without a spectacular giveaway. First Look for Charity guests will have a chance to win a brand new 2014 Toyota Highlander or a 2014 Toyota Corolla during the event. Two lucky ticket holders will be selected at random, but anyone who has purchased a ticket and present at the event is eligible to win. The all-new Highlander and Corolla are compliments of Toyota and Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana Toyota dealers.

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Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago provides pediatric care in a setting that offers the latest innovations in medical technology, research and family-friendly design. Lurie Children’s relies on philanthropic support to treat more than 149,000 children annually.


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Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Labeled Intense and Powerful

Jaguar F-Type R CoupeAnyone who sees the Jaguar F-Type can tell it is a beautiful piece of machinery. It has often been compared to other sports cars like the Chevrolet Corvette or Aston Martin, but the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe is neither of these. It’s intense, powerful, and unique in its own right generating a lot of excitement for Jaguar’s new 2015 lineup.

North America will be lucky to get the full line of the F-Type Coupes. The base 335-hp F with roof is priced at $65,000. The next step up with the 375-hp F-Type S begins at $77,000, and the R trim will set you back a bit more.

Jaguar F-Type CoupeBut with a substantial price tag comes power, enough power to be pushed far enough to go from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds or possibly even 3.5 seconds according to some.

This feat is accomplished with the magnificent 5.0-liter V8 engine pumping out 550 hp with 502 lb-ft of peak torque that gives it enough power to reach top speeds of 186 mph. “This is the fastest Jaguar road car in history,” said Ian Hoban, Jaguar’s Vehicle Line Director. This car is at home on the race track just as much as it will be on the open road. Test drivers agree the handling of the F-Type R is excellent and the rear spoiler significantly helps the rear tires to hold their grip.

Another reason for the Jaguar F-Type R’s excellent handling is the Torque Vectoring system which, according to Jaguar, provides controlled braking on the inside rear wheel while at the same time feeding more power to the outside rear wheel to increase steering performance. “We wanted more linear, precise handling at the limit,” said Jaguar chassis tuning guru Mike Cross recently to Motortrend.

Jaguar F-Type interiorThe interior holds up strong to what a sports car should be with performance seating, a 3-spoke leather flat-bottomed steering wheel and Ignis gear shift paddles.

The interior isn’t just all go and no show with special attention paid with configurable ambient lighting, dual climate control, heated seats and steering wheel, HD and Sirius Satellite Radio and a Meridian™ 70W Audio System.

The F-Type R also features Reverse parking sensors that can help assist you while backing out of a tight spot. For the F-Type Coupe models the optional panoramic roof is jaw dropping and can be fitted with an interior blind when necessary.

The Jaguar F-Type R is also equipped with the Jaguar Super Performance Braking System featuring 15.0 inch front and 14.8 inch rear disc-brake rotors giving it the power to halt the speed it can produce. For those drivers who want to take it even further they have the optional upgrade to the Carbon Ceramic Brakes system which is most powerful braking system ever offered from Jaguar and is available on the F-Type S, F-Type V8 S and the F-Type R.

Some are saying the F-Type Coupes will be the cars that define the Jaguar Brand going forward and with their stunning lines, track capabilities, and indisputable power that would definitely be a good thing.

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Jaguar Land Rover Shows off New Smartphone Integration

jaguar smartphone integrationJaguar Land Rover announced recently their InControl Smartphone Integration System will be host to an apportment of apps that will be available in vehicles for both brands later this year.

JLR is the latest company to bring apps to vehicles and their infotainment systems. Getting help from Bosch and a number of third party app developers, JLR will debut integrated in-vehicle app connectivity for phones with help from the Android operating system, as well as Apple’s iOS.

Some options for consumers when InControl apps launch in JLR vehicles and SUVS include the popular Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio digital music service.

iHeartRadio is one of the most popular radio station apps available giving consumers access to 1,500 radio stations with live play. This new interface will allow seamless transition of music and talk radio with a safety-minded access that’s engineered for the interior cabin environment.

2014 Jaguar XJRAnother popular radio app for smartphones is Stitcher. This app will give listeners the more than 20,000 stations of talk and sports stations from media outlets like NPR, Fox, BBC, and the Wall Street Journal. Stitcher gives talk radio and podcast fans an easier way to find what they are looking for with their vast selection.

Consumers will be able to take advantage of a host of other apps as well, including Winston which gives passengers the ability to hear the news read aloud, or Glympse which allows you to link up your navigations system to another vehicle making road trips with multiple vehicles easier.

JaguarLand Rover says this new system will be available in both of their fleets this year. Drivers will have a host of new options with this new system, and from the projected features this should keep JLR owners busy. Jaguar customers are getting anxious for this wonderful new addition to an already spectacular vehicle.

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New Jaguar XJR Raises the Bar

Style, power, technology, and an expansive amount of space are all ingredients in the winning recipe for the new Jaguar XJR. Introduced back in 2009, the Jaguar XJ is the company’s flagship and was heralded as a game changer for the brand by bringing forth a new bold and graceful design. The XJ follows the brand’s somewhat expected pattern of beauty and elegant, and yet offers a new twist to the design.

2014-jaguar-xjrOver time the XJ has evolved with upgrades and new features as most models do. The newest XJR is a supercharged version of the flagship that combines comfort and style with the brands most powerful powertrain yet. Under the hood of the XJR’s sprawling bodywork is a supercharged V8 which pumps out a superb 542bhp. That’s a lot of power for this class of vehicle. The XJR’s acceleration is so powerful many are having trouble even describing its capabilities for speed and agility, for it seems a car of this size has abilities farther beyond what it should. With the addition of the Jaguar emblem on the front the XJR seems to have it all.

With the initial debut of the XJ all the way until today Jaguar has pushed the boundaries in every level of design, comfort, and dynamics. Combining innovative design and bold new features the Jaguar XJR has definitely raised the bar to a level that will be hard to compete with. With the excitement of the new XJR, Jaguar fans are extremely excited to see what Jaguar will come up with next.

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Image courtesy of Live images copyright 2013 Drew Phillips / AOL.