The New Jaguar XF Crosses the Thames on a High Wire


At the beginning of this month, the brand new 2016 Jaguar XF was unveiled in a fashion befitting of its uniqueness: atop a high-wire crossing the River Thames. The stunt took place on the Royal Victoria Docks and involved an engineering feat nearly equal to the incredible efforts Jaguar has put into their newest sedan.

Suspended sixty feet over the rushing waters at Canary Wharf, Jim Dowdall drove the XF roughly 787 feet across two carbon-fiber cables, each about the width of a human thumb. The two-inch wide cables swayed in the wind as Dowdall, a veteran Hollywood stunt coordinator, performed the world’s longest high-wire water crossing using only a keel and grooved wheels to assist him. Even though Dowdall has performed stunts for productions like the James Bond, Bourne, and Indiana Jones films, he admitted that he was a bit nervous. “You can’t eliminate that risk factor. Anything can happen,“ Dowdall told AdWeek. The stunt was broadcast live online and has been viewed by nearly half a million users on Facebook.

Chris McKinnon, Jaguar’s Product Marketing Director revealed that the whole thing was inspired by the documentary film Man on Wire: “Turns out the film actually has a real cult following within Jaguar. I can’t remember who came up with the idea originally but it just gained support massively. Obviously the guy in the film was much higher up, but he only went 60 meters – we went 240 meters.” Agility and creativity are, after all, huge parts of the Jaguar lifestyle. We’re not surprised to learn that adrenaline junkies and the creatively-obsessed have made themselves right at home working for the luxury automaker.

The high-wire stunt was designed to show off the XF’s lightweight aluminum body and its corresponding grace. Jaguar is clearly moving towards a greater emphasis on aluminum construction, which results in weight savings of up to 265 lb compared to the first generation XF. Built using a two-stage framing process, the aluminum construction is combined with magnesium alloys and advanced high-strength steels to create a completely evolved version of seven-year-old first generation XF.

Jaguar has also introduced a suite of sleek, new technological advances into the XF, including all wheel drive with adaptive surface response. The new tech allows the vehicle to tell the difference between driving conditions and change accordingly. The XF also includes Electric Power-Assisted Steering, which dampens the effects of uneven roads and compensates for changes in ambient temperature. There’s also Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and a Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) system that uses a stereo camera to read road signs and advise the driver of speed limits. Combined with the Intelligent Speed Limiter, the XF will be able to automatically slow or accelerate the car to match the posted limit.

To find out more about the XF and watch the amazing high-wire crossing, check out Jaguar’s XF exclusive hashtag: #NewXF on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also stop by Elmhurst Jaguar to take a spin in one of our 2015 XF models! You don’t need to cross a high wire to feel the adrenaline rush of a driving a new Jaguar.

Hop In For a Tantalizing Taste of a Vintage 1962 Jaguar E Type!


Following a lot of excited whispers, including our own, it finally looks as if Jaguar is coming even closer to the much-rumored all-out revival of the classic 1960s E Type – a car that Enzo Ferrari himself called “the most beautiful car in the world.”

And it’s certainly true that there are still many, us here at Elmhurst Jaguar included once again, who feel that Enzo’s words ring as true today as ever before. In celebration of the monumental E Type, we’re happy to share some news about Jaguar’s plans to give this flagship design a chance to shine again.

Now, two variations are receiving special treatment in particular, as a splendid replica of the prototype-only ‘Low Drag’ Coupé, built by Valley Motorsport in North Wales has been unveiled for this year’s opening of the UK’s popular Goodwood Circuit Revival competitions, and as the company continues to pursue its recently-announced efforts to complete six unfinished 1963 Lightweight E Type Coupés that it abandoned fifty years ago. Both cars have been on the minds of Jaguar enthusiasts for decades, and now it looks like 2015 is proving to be the year in which their dreams of a proper reemergence of some of Jaguar’s finest vintages are set to come true.

Recently, Goodwood shared a video of Scottish driver Alasdair McCaig behind the wheel of Valley’s beautiful new replica Low Drag Coupé, and we’re finding it a little hard not to admit our jealousy!

While this and one original are the only two ‘Low Drag’ E Type variants known to exist, Jaguar is putting some further effort forth in its dedicated revival of the E Type with concurrent plans to complete the unfinished units of its eighteen originally-intended Lightweight E Type Coupé models, only twelve of which were originally finished in the 60s. The new prototype Lightweight made its debut at last year’s Pebble Beach show, after which the official models are being finished by Jaguar’s Special Vehicles Operations division. Our fingers are definitely crossed for some news from the workshop soon!

Sporting an aluminum body that cuts 250 lbs from the original E Type design, and retaining the original Lightweight’s serious and rather surprising muscle with more than 300 horsepower and 280 ft.-lbs of torque, the new models will also feature an aluminum block to replace the original cast-iron. Personally, we can’t wait for the long-unfinished story of this limited-edition E Type, also known as the ‘Special GT,’ to get the respect it deserves from a new generation.


Knowing how much admiration has gone toward the E Type in the fifty years since its birth, Elmhurst Jaguar is beyond excited for the unveiling of the new models, which are under fabrication in an updated ‘heritage workshop’ at historic Browns Lane, Coventry, the original fabrication site for first Lightweights. In the spirit of the E Type’s fifty years of reliable service, count on Elmhurst Jaguar to be at your service for plenty of upcoming news on the long-overdue victory laps of these vintage legends, or on your own Jaguar! Schedule an appointment with our quality service department and get the best care, only fit for a Jaguar.

Meet the Incomparable Father-Son Team That Keep the Jaguar XJ220 Alive


Back in 1988, a time of serious competition in the supercar world, Jaguar unleashed something that, as famed Jag specialist Don Law relates, “rewrote the history books[.]” This undisputed classic of the modern age, against which all of the world’s most famous supercars since have been measured up, was so unique that company mechanics knew immediately after production finished that they wouldn’t be able to put in the special longterm effort to keep up with its precision maintenance and lingering hunger for further performance-enhancing modification. It seemed for a moment that the fate of this game-changing Jaguar was, sadly, only to languish.

The now-legendary XJ220, Jaguar’s record-breaking entry into the late 1980s/early 1990s flurry of revolutionary supercars and successful competition to the infamous Ferrari F40, quickly took with it a staggering array of pioneering achievements, setting a new production car record of 217 mph, hitting 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, and displaying an intimidating 540 horsepower. But suddenly, after the car finished production and settled into its retirement five years later, the big question was: who would be there to keep the world’s supply of XJ220s in top working order, and to keep pushing the limits of their legendary design specs?

Thankfully, that’s where Don and his son Justin Law come into the picture. After beginning a successful racing career with some impressively customized Jaguars in the mid-eighties, Don Law Racing was elected as the best choice to become Jaguar’s longterm non-industry service specialists on the new XJ220. As Don explains in a new video feature on the Laws’ longtime relationship with Jaguar, it wasn’t long before father and son found themselves as the world’s headquarters for this storied classic. Eventually, Jaguar sold their remaining stock of parts to Don and relinquished the maintenance process entirely. Today, there’s still only one place to get proper work done on an XJ220 or to see the finest examples of the model ever created – The garage of Don and Justin Law.

Under Don’s expert tutelage, Justin himself has been driving and winning events at first-class competitions in Jaguars for years. In 2009’s Goodwood uphill sprint competition, Justin shattered expectations and any doubt of Jaguar’s enduring performance capabilities by beating out favorite Sebastian Loeb and the fearsome ‘Pike’s Peak’ Peugeot from behind the wheel of his favorite XJS 8/9, a car that made its own debut in the same year as the XJ220. Looking back fondly on the early days of the cars that have made his career and his passion in the garage, Justin remembers that the XJ220 “created an absolute sensation… It was certainly on my bedroom wall!”

As he glances through the showroom, Justin points out one particular profile – the sky-blue LM.  It represents the Laws’ finest efforts in modifying the XJ220 to the furthest reaches of its already-impressive capabilities. Pushing an envelope-demolishing 800 horsepower past 220 mph with ease, the Laws’ incredible Le Mans mod sports “pretty much every extra we could think of bolting onto an XJ220, as a bit of demonstrator just to show what we can do,” beams Justin.

Today, Elmhurst Jaguar is proud to share the personal story of the exceptional Law family and their incomparable contribution to maintaining the legacy of Jaguar and one of its most impressive creations. Here’s to another twenty years of inspiration from one of Jaguar’s masterpieces and the skilled masters who keep its spirit alive! And be sure to come down to our showroom to take any of our great XJ models for a test drive.

Watch the Recap of Idris Elba’s 750-Mile Trip from London to Berlin in the New Jaguar XE


In a recent promotional effort for Jaguar’s new mid-sized XE sedan, British actor and musician Idris Elba was asked to document a proposed journey from London to Berlin behind the wheel of his own personal 2016 XE S. Now, having made his way to the XE release party in Berlin by doing just that, we can see the recap of Elba’s thoroughly entertaining trip and get the tantalizing preview of the XE that we’ve been waiting for.

Understandably, Idris’ initial meeting with the XE seems at once like a possible case of love at first sight, as he wastes no time in sizing up its impressive attributes. Three days later, after an action-packed stop at Spa Racetrack in Francorchamps, Belgium to meet with British racing icon Martin Brundle and give the XE a real pedal-to-the-metal test, Idris had plenty to say in praise of Jaguar’s newest torchbearer of performance and luxury.

As Idris makes his way to the English Channel, he discovers more than a few helpful examples of the XE’s impressive array of features. An eleven-speaker soundsystem gives him everything he needs in the way of audiophile-quality sound, which ends up serving him practically, too. Preparing himself to DJ at Jaguar’s Berlin release show, he engages the XE’s intuitive smartphone interface to make quick work of devising mixes of his favorite tunes. Never missing a beat, the XE even provides Idris with a digital windshield display to keep him in touch with everything he needs to know while his ears are on the stereo. And that’s all before he’s had to even think about filling up, since the XE S, the most fuel-efficient Jaguar to date, also provided him with a personally estimated 65 mpg. Ready for the rest? That’s just the beginning!

With the Chunnel behind him, Elba’s real fun starts when he crosses into Belgium, arriving at the legendary Spa racing circuit to meet with Le Mans champ and longtime racing commentator Martin Brundle, to give the XE a chance to strut its stuff with no limitations. In short, a truly heartwarming, child-like glee can be seen beaming from Brundle and Elba’s faces as they tear around Spa with the XE’s all-too-willing 340-horsepower 3-liter V6 leading the charge. That’s the Jaguar that we know and love! Soon, Elba is off on his way again, and arrives comfortably in Berlin, almost 750 miles away from his destination, for a successful evening giving the XE’s release party a properly stylish soundtrack. We hear that things went off without a hitch!

After joining forces with the XE to go the extra mile in making things a little more personal, it can be certain that Idris’s contribution to this campaign brings at least a little bit of his own experience to the table, and that’s what we think turns endorsement into real support. Elmhurst Jaguar gives its personal thanks to Idris for contributing to the worthy promotion of the new high-performance, fuel-efficient Jaguar XE. We hope you’ll enjoy Idris’ fun new travelogue promotion, and that you won’t hesitate to stop by Elmhurst Jaguar anytime to investigate for yourself! Come take a test drive of any of the other great Jaguar models while waiting for the XE to hit the US.

2018 Marks a New Horizon for Jaguar-Land Rover


For Jaguar-Land Rover, 2018 can’t come soon enough. The JLR brand is looking to release an electric vehicle before the market is overwhelmed with EV options for high-end buyers.

Company executives have not yet decided whether the upcoming EV will be introduced as a Jaguar or as a Land Rover. German magazine Auto, Motor Und Sport says that JLR will most likely release the car as a Jaguar for the purpose of modeling after the upcoming F-Pace. Either way, the new design will come in the form of either a larger SUV or crossover vehicle in order to fit the electric engine and battery pack. Because the project development has just begun, its impossible to delineate what kind of equipment will be used on the engine.

But the JLR brand is no stranger to battery-operated cars. In 2013, they developed the Defender, an electric motor-run, 94 horsepower, 243-pound-per-foot torque model. Through seven different model developments, the Defender ran surprisingly well in comparison to its gas-guzzling counterparts, proving that Jaguar-Land Rover already have the capabilities necessary to fuse the appeal of their high-end vehicles with an alternative fuel option.

Following the footsteps of their 2017 showroom release of a plug-in hybrid vehicle, their 2018 EV release will look to cater to high-end buyers with a desire for efficiency and luxury. It’s estimated that the car will get a staggering 300 miles per gallon to compete with Telsa’s Model X SUV already on its way to the market. Tesla has already tapped into the EV market with most of its 32,000 sales from 2014 taking place in the US.

Although JLR is familiar with the electric market, they’re also familiar with the pitfalls of expensive EB design. In 2012, they cancelled their CX-75 supercar project after realizing the market wasn’t ready for such an expensive electric vehicle. Hopefully they can find a way to fuse the luxury of the JLR brand with a growing market fueled by legislative changes.

While California was the first to push Zero Emission Vehicle legislation, states across the US will only continue to adopt similar changes (seven states and counting). These new laws state that ZEV sales need to make up 15.4% of all car sales by 2025, up from a 5% sales rate predicted for 2018.

With this legislative push on the market, JLR will debut its 2018 electric version of the F-Pace at an ideal time. In the meantime, we can excitedly speculate about the details that will make up this new JLR model. But to test out a Jaguar model currently on the market, give Elmhurst Jaguar a call at 844-885-2734.

Jaguar Land Rover is Coming to North American Soil Near You


Jaguar Land Rover is looking to start its first manufacturing plant in North America. Last year the British company began its first factory outside the UK in China, and is already working on another in Brazil. Soon, an American outlet may be up and running.

The biggest carmaker in India, Tata Motors, bought Jaguar Land Rover from Ford in 2008. Since then, like many other automotive companies, they’ve been looking to expand manufacturing to strategic locations around the world.

Since the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement, Mexico has been a prime location for automakers because it sits at the doorstep of the US, the world’s second-largest auto market. Jaguar is likely to collow suit, which has also attracted many luxury brands in recent years – including Audi, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Bayerische, Daimler, and Kia Motors.

But why Mexico and not the US itself? They have more free trade agreements – forty, to be exact – than the US. But the real reason is, of course, the lower labor costs. US car factory workers earn in just an hour what Mexican auto workers make in an entire day. As a result, Mexico now produces about a fifth of the cars driven in the US.

However, the southern state of Georgia, the US may also be a contender. Governor Nathan Deal and Chris Carr, Georgia’s economic development commissioner, met with Jaguar Land Rover’s representatives in Britain back in January. Mercedes-Benz USA recently opened their headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia, relocating between 800 and a 1000 jobs from New Jersey.

Neighboring state South Carolina has also been cited as a potential location.

Southern states are appealing to automakers because of their lack of unions and right-to-work attitude. BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been manufacturing in South Carolina and Alabama, respectively, since the ‘90s.

The US also appeals because automakers can avoid import tariffs and reduce loss of profits due to fluctuating currency exchange rates.

Tata Motors is fast becoming a rockstar in Indian industry. Companies owned by Tata Sons boast locations in over a hundred countries across six continents and generated over $103 billion in revenue from 2013-2014. In addition to Tata Motors, they own Tata Steel, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Power, Tata Chemicals, Tata Global Beverages, Tata Teleservices, and Indian Hotels.

Jaguar Land Rover’s global sales rose nine percent in 2014 to 462,678. In January, company officials stated that they anticipate selling over 500,000 vehicles in 2015. And wherever the new factory opens, it will be producing about 200,000 vehicles per year. That’s a lot of jobs.

But no matter where the Jaguar’s come from, here at Elmhurst Jaguar we can guarantee they’ll always be quality. Stop by own showroom and take a test drive of any of our powerful Jaguar models today.

New Jaguar XE is Set to Stun with Aluminum Body and All New Engine


Last year, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes built between 1.6 million and 1.8 million vehicles each. Jaguar made just 81,570. But there’s no need to compete in terms of volume when you’ve got some of the most exciting, uniquely constructed cars on the market. With the announcement of Jaguar’s 2017 XE, a compact, premium four-door sedan, the company is in a position to dominate the German three on its own terms. The XE will represent the carmaker’s flair for innovation while still honoring the traditional Jaguar driving experience.

Of the many interesting new components the Jaguar XE has to offer, we’re most excited about its Ingenium engine – Jaguar’s first true in-house engine in decades. The new four-cylinder gasoline and diesel units have cost Jaguar Land Rover more than $750 million to develop, and will be used across the Jaguar and Land Rover ranges. A 180-hp 2.0-liter diesel will be offered shortly after the supercharged V-6 debuts in the US, and get ready, because the V-6 is the same engine used in the F-Type and boasts 340-hp.

A gasoline 2.0-liter Ingenium will also be available later in 2016, with the option of a six-speed manual. Naturally, all-wheel drive will be offered with all engines. Keep that in mind when you’re going from zero to sixty mph in 4.9 seconds.

The Jaguar XE is becoming best known for its aluminum construction – giving it an edge over its (mostly) steel competition. About 25% of the vehicle is still steel (the doors, the trunklid and the rear section of the floor) to improve weight distribution and to keep manufacturing costs down, but the aluminum architecture it features will offset the premium suspension and keep emissions low.

Hitting emissions targets was a big factor in the design of the Jaguar XE, which explains their adoption of electric power steering for this particular car, and also means a 2-3% savings in carbon dioxide emissions. Combined with a suspension that has been mounted to a more stable, consistent platform, you’re guaranteed an exceptionally smooth ride. Automobile Magazine wrote, “The XE has a lovely Jaguar suppleness over poor surfaces its rivals can’t match.”

The smoothness, Automobile Magazine reports, is due to the nature of that updated suspension: double wishbones at the front, where most competitors use struts, and an integral-link design at the rear, where most others use a simpler multilink setup. The rear arrangement allows Jaguar to decouple and deal differently with inputs that affect ride and handling, vastly improving both.

The Jaguar XE is set to compete in a market segment that Jaguar hasn’t entered since 2009, and with all the money the company has put into the vehicle’s production, we’re eager to test out the XE ourselves. The first customer car is set to be delivered in Europe this May, but American customers won’t be able to get their hands on one until early 2016. In the meantime, drop by Elmhurst Jaguar for a test drive of one the F-Type models. You’ll get an idea of what kind of power to expect from the XE before it arrives.

Jaguar Supercars to Feature in New Bond Film, Spectre


We revealed on the blog last month that the new C-X75 is going to be featured in the New James Bond film, and we told you we’d keep you updated as more details unfolded – Well here they are! (Spolier: the C-X75 isn’t the only Jaguar you’ll be seeing.)

So, what do you think of when you hear James Bond? A beautiful woman, sure, an Aston Martin, of course, and the ever-iconic barrel of our hero’s gun, right? Well, after the debut of the 24th Bond film Spectre, in November, we guarantee all you’ll be thinking about is Jaguar.

Spectre will feature the Range Rover Sport SVR, a Land Rover Defender Big Foot, and the Jaguar C-X75 alongside Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 concept car – making this equal parts action film and dream-car showcase. (Though sadly, they’ll only ever exist in our dreams – and on screen – since Jaguar has no plans to make any car except the SVR available for sale.)

Obviously, we’re most excited to see the C-X75 supercar, and not just because it’s going to be driven by the latest Bond villain, Oberhauser (played by Christoph Waltz). If you don’t already know, the C-X75 was Jaguar’s $1 million all-wheel drive hybrid electric supercar originally slated for production in 2013, with carbon fiber construction, advanced aerodynamics, and an inline-four mated to two electric motors for a combined 890 horsepower. It achieved 0 – 100mph in only 6 seconds, and its only competition was the LaFerrari, McLaren P1, and the Porsche 918. Unfortunately, the supercar was declared a financial liability by Jaguar in 2012 and got the axe by the time five roadworthy cars were produced. But Spectre means we’ll finally get to see the C-X75 in action, and apparently during a chase sequence through Rome!

But don’t get us wrong, the inclusion of the Range Rover Sport SVR is just as exciting. Jaguar says it’s the fastest, most powerful truck they’ve ever built. Unlike most off-road-capable SUVs, the Sport SVR was tested at the Nürburgring and has a 550-hp supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine. It’s also the only car featured in Spectre that is available for purchase, so look out! But with a $110,475 price tag you might have to be a personal friend of James Bond to snag one.

Also making an appearance is the Defender Big Foot, a hulking giant of a vehicle with 37” wheels, a transmission geared for rock crawling, intake snorkel, and an interior roll cage. A complete beast created by the automaker’s Special Operation division, and only two of these trucks were built for use as company-owned support vehicles. The version we’ll see in Spectre started out as a standard Defender 110 and was transformed by over $75,000 of modifications into the monster we’ll see on screen. Unfortunately there are no plans to make the Big Foot available to the public either.

Like Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover is hoping that its participation in the Bond franchise will translate into more interest in the brands and a bump in sales. And with cars like the Big Foot, the Sport SVR, and the C-X75 on display, we think that’s a pretty safe bet.

But you don’t have to wait til November, come visit us at Elmhurst Jaguar for the James Bond treatment today. Whether you’re looking to buy new or pre-owned, we’ll find the perfect Jaguar model for you and your swagger. We can even match the color to your favorite martini – shaken, never stirred.

New Jaguar F Type Models Coming Soon


Elmhurst Jaguar has seen some amazing responses to the newly released Jaguar F  Type. Our selections of F Type Convertibles and F Type Coupes have received high praise and are speeding out of the showroom. But the Jaguar Land Rover Company is not done bringing amazing vehicles to the F-line yet, and there are rumors of some heart-pounding new models coming our way.

While there is still speculation as to what exactly the new versions will be, it is no secret that Jaguar strives to produce the most powerful sports luxury vehicles on the market. While the current F Type pumps out 500 horsepower with a powerful V8 engine, it is not a stretch to believe we will be seeing an even more powerful sister to this machine.

The Project 7 vehicle is a great example of all the amazing things Jaguar can do. The limited edition vehicle is made for speed at 575 horsepower, and a body design that takes the weight off and steps up the aerodynamics. The actual designs and specifications of more Jaguar F Type models has yet to be released, but expect to see another powerhouse from this line to hit production within the next few years.

One vehicle that is already on the roads, albeit in test-car form, is the up-and-coming top contender for the luxury crossover niche. The Jaguar F Pace was revealed to the U.S. recently at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show and now has quite the following. Everyone is interested in this sleek and powerful new crossover from Jaguar Land Rover, and it is aimed to be a big contender against other big names in the market.

The concept for this vehicle was released several years ago at the Frankfurt Auto Show, and although the official name for the vehicle has changed a few times, the overall design has stayed the same after overwhelming positive responses. This is going to be the vehicle for serious luxury car drivers who want power and size in their crossover, along with the style and heritage of the distinguished British auto maker.

The F-Pace has reached its final bodywork design, sitting on a frame made of Jaguar’s aluminum and steel material technology that is also seen in the designs for the new Jaguar XE and XF. Expect to see a supercharged V6 engine under the hood of the F-Pace with a nine-speed automatic transmission as standard.

As always, Elmhurst Jaguar will gladly share the news about the exciting new releases coming our way. But until then, come by and get a taste of the popular F Type vehicles we have today.

There’s a New Tax Break for Leased Vehicles in the State of Illinois


We’re sure you know that it’s tax season. But what you may not know is that there’s a new tax law that makes it easier than ever to afford a leased vehicle. So listen up! If you have always wanted to drive a brand new Jaguar under a lease contract, now is the time to take advantage of the increased incentives.

We recently announced the new tax law on our webpage, and now we can explain further. Starting January first of this year, the taxes that the state of Illinois charges on leased vehicles will be reduced up to fifty percent. The House Bill (2317) was signed by Governor Quinn back in May of last year, and completely changed the way the leased vehicles are taxed.

Originally, when a customer leased a vehicle, they were charged tax on the vehicle’s entire purchase price. Depending on the model, this could mean several thousands of dollars in taxes. However, this has all changed under the new law for any leased vehicles after the first of this year. Now the customer only pays taxes on the money due at the time of the lease signing, and the taxes on the monthly lease payments due. Simply put, the overall tax charged is less and based on your type of lease agreement. You may also see lower monthly payments as well.

The number of people leasing vehicles has increased over the last few years in the United States. However, Illinois has seen a lower average of leasing than many other states, which is especially not favorable considering our area was partially built on the foundations of car manufacturing and sales. The tax change was brought on to increase the incentives for leased vehicles, and to promote more people to take advantage of the benefits of leasing.

This all means that you can lease a luxury powerhouse like a Jaguar F-Type convertible or the 2015 XJ Demo for less than you may think. Visit Elmhurst Jaguar now to also take advantage of our leasing special, and let us make your first month’s lease payment.

If you need more information, feel free to stop by or call us to discuss how this new tax law can help you lease a brand new Jaguar. You can also visit the Chicago Automobile Trade Association.  They have launched a campaign designed to educate people on the new tax law and the benefits of leasing in our state.