It’s Jurassic World for Jaguar as the LWE is Brought Back from Extinction

jaguarWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the only thing we like better than a new Jaguar is a vintage one, but this time when we say it there is a slight twist. While the statement is still true, we can now add an amendment to it: The only thing we like better than a new Jaguar is a vintage Jag OR a brand new vintage Jaguar replica. We hope that’s not too confusing, and remember it’s not our fault. Blame Jaguar for bringing this beauty back to life.

At first glance, the brand new Jaguar Lightweight E-Type (LWE) racer looks every bit like the 1964 model, of which only 18 of the Special GT-E-Type were built. A second and third glance would seem to confirm this initial suspicion, and for good reason. After all, this racer was built in Browns Land, Coventry in England, it’s interior is outfitted in Connolly leather, it features Dunlop tires and Smith gauges and it even has a vehicle number identical to one of those vintage 60s racers? So why does it look so new and factory fresh?

The Jaguar Heritage department who assembled this new “old’ model refer to their creation as a continuation of the E-Type. While most car models don’t generally experience a near half century break in production, that works fine for us as an explanation. Jaguar is making six of these models and all are qualified to race as “period competition vehicles” in historic racing events. It is our hope that they do just that.

The iconic torpedo design of the E-Type remains one of the most inspired and awe-inspiring designs in automotive history, in our humble, if not biased opinion. While it surely must have been tempting to apply some modern tech upgrades to the body of the car, Jaguar resisted in order to meet the approval of the FIA — the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile which is the motor sports governing body headquartered in Paris, France. As a result the LWE was constructed with a couple hundred piece of aluminum, welded and riveted in the manner of its forebears. Modern technology was used to make the LWE more symmetrical than the 18 that preceded it. They are said to have lacked slightly in this area, falling just short of perfection. Using digital imaging, the design team was able to create better balance.

Of course we wish we had one of these beautiful replicas to show off here at Elmhurst Jaguar, but we are quite content with the many great Jaguar models on our lot right now. Come see for yourself. Visit us at Elmhurst Jaguar. We are located at 490 West Lake Street in Elmhurst, IL.

Jaguar to Build $1.85 Billion Plant in Poland or Slovakia

jaguarRecently, the automotive industry has been abuzz with regards to Jaguar Land Rover’s expanding production base. The company has already opened a factory in Changshu, China where the Range Rover Evoque and its sister car, the Land Rover Discovery Sport, are being built. However, the capacity of Changshu is limited to around 130,000 units at this moment and the localized production is needed to avoid China’s fairly intense import taxes. A small plant in Brazil is also under way at the moment, as well as rumors (these lacking in confirmation) with regard to Jaguar Land Rover considering a factory in Mexico.

Still, what’s certainly confirmed is that JLR is in talks at the moment with Poland, marking it as one of the two finalists for an auto factory involving more than $1.85 billion in investments. The entire project would mark “the biggest investment in the car manufacturing industry in Poland,” as Prime Minister Janusz Piechocinski mentioned to reporters in Warsaw, and though no definite plan as been made yet, Piechocinski noted that a sixth round of talks on the proposal will take place Monday. Also in the mix is Slovakia, which was previously confirmed earlier.

Whichever country is chosen, Jaguar Land Rover will then construct a factory capable of producing 350,000 vehicles annually starting in 2019. JLR “continues to evaluate opportunities around the world to increase its global manufacturing footprint in the future,” the Whitley, England-based company mentioned in a recent e-mail. “Europe is an attractive option, but it is just one of the places under consideration. […] no final decision has been taken on a preferred location.”

Jaguar Land Rover, which has undergone a revival since India’s Tata Motors purchased the automaker from Ford Motor Company in 2008, has also stated that it is considering a plant in the United States, but such a decision will likely be up to three years away. The company currently has three car production sites in the United Kingdom and a new engine facility. Two of the car plants (Halewood and Solihull) are running at full capacity, while the third (Castle Bromwich) has just received a $619 million investment as it prepares to build the new Jaguar XF.

Now, JLR certainly did not have a bad year in 2014, building about 460,000 vehicles, and aims to increase production to 500,000 in 2015. However, the automaker is very far from the big three German premium car makers (e.g., Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz), which have annual outputs of around approximately two million cars a year. This, obviously, is a serious contributing factor with regard to why Jaguar Land Rover has chosen to do such extensive branching out: the company needs more production facilities in order to reduce the gap.

Keep checking in here with us at Elmhurst Jaguar for more information as to where Jaguar Land Rover will eventually build their next plant!

See Plenty of Reasons to Get Excited About the Jaguar F Pace Crossover in This New Teaser Video!


With a characteristic splash of undeniable style, Jaguar recently defeated any lingering doubts about the impending arrival of its highly anticipated Jaguar F Pace crossover, detailing the evolution of the project from start to almost-finish in a new video teaser. Taking the company into all-new territory, past all the typical Jaguar models like the Jaguar XF and XE, the Jaguar F Pace is a sensually-contoured and subtly muscular entry into the automotive world’s burgeoning crossover market, which is driving more talented designers to leave the simple legacy styling of class-based design behind for something more creatively inspired.

Kicking off in the most embryonic stages of the F Pace’s development, the video opens with respected Jaguar designer Ian Callum at the drawing board, laying down the first real images of what was soon to become a bold new step into a new era for the seventy-year-old company. Tracing a line to the concept’s original debut as the C-X17, which first debuted in Frankfurt in 2013, and, without offering any spoilers, rounds out by offering a tantalizing preview that echoes the promise put forth at this year’s North American International Auto Show that the now properly-named F-Pace is on its way for 2016. We’re more than looking forward!

As the buzz for the F-Pace has been bubbling up, more and more hungry investigators have captured small tastes of test models on the road, offering enough info to keep us excited and make it clear that the F-Pace is a purebred Jaguar from the ground up. The F-Pace will definitely be putting forth a strong example of Jaguar’s next-generation ‘iQ’ aluminum architecture, and reports on the as-yet-unrevealed engine specs make it seem likely that it will be made available with both a 2-liter turbo V4 and a 3-liter super V6 option.

As reported earlier in the year, Jaguar’s trademark first-class luxury standards will still define the sporty F-Pace’s interior, too, showcasing the company’s improved InControl info and entertainment system among other traditional favorites in terms of Jaguar’s classic interior styling. With a little bit of everything that makes Jaguar the respected maker it is paired with a confident new sense of skilled experimentalism and confident adventurousness, the F-Pace looks to be something worthy of some extra attention. The final production model will be making it’s debut at this year’s International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany, which kicks off in the third week of September, so don’t miss out on the chance to see one of the world’s automotive leaders debuting a game-changing new entry!

As always, keep yourself tuned in here at Elmhurst Jaguar for all of the upcoming news in regard to the Jaguar F Pace, too. There’s sure to be plenty more eager investigation on the part of folks who are anticipating it as much as we are, and we’re sure that the F-Pace is more than ready and willing for the spotlight!

Interview Puts Spotlight on Legendary Jaguar Test Driver


Racing cars has always been a celebrated and exciting sport, and back in the 1950s, racing was the pinnacle of thrill-seeking enjoyment. One of the most recognizable figures during that time was Jaguar test driver Norman Dewis, and between 1952 and 1985 Dewis had a big role in developing the British brand’s vehicles, which has lead to some of the great models of today, like the new 2015 Jaguar XF. Today, he has been spending his time enjoying retirement, but recently the former thrill seeker took a look back at his career in the fast lane with an interview detailing his memories.

Dewis talks about being a test driver for Jaguar: “Every time you’re doing a test, you get the first prototype. That’s a new car or a new race car, you’re starting with a clean sheet of paper,” said Dewis. “You cannot do enough tests,” said Dewis who maintained a vehicle could always improve, always get better. This mindset was a huge asset to Dewis who tested and assisted in developing over a dozen Jaguar models including the Jaguar XK140, Jaguar D-Type, Jaguar XJ13, and Jaguar XJ40 to name a few.

From assisting in the development of disc brakes to setting multiple world top speed records, Dewis has taken part in some of the biggest moments in racing history. Nearly thirty years after his career with Jaguar Norman Dewis has a lifetime of memories and accomplishments to look back on, and now he is graciously sharing them. To conclude the interview in a final reflection Dewis remembers his time in the fast lane “I wanted to be one of the best, I now find that I’ve achieved what I set out to do when I was sixteen years old. Probably I’m looking for perfection, you never get that but you try and get as close as you can.” Dewis added “I’ve had a one off life, I’m called a legend, I don’t mind being called a legend, I like it,” said Dewis with a chuckle.

Get back the nostalgia of the past with the technology of the future in today’s Jaguar lineup. Come in today to Elmhurst Jaguar and take a look at our entire fleet of new and pre-owned vehicles!

Classic Jaguar C-type Lightweight to be Auctioned by RM Sotheby’s

Jaguar lightweight

At Elmhurst Jaguar, the only thing we like more than a luxury sports car like the new 2015 Jaguar XF, is a classic Jag model. Take the Jaguar C-type Lightweight for example. There were just three of these motorsports vehicles built in the 1950s. The sole purpose of these fantastic looking cars was to compete in the Le Mans 24 hours motor race way back in 1953. Back then, the C-type looked like the future with its curves and sleek lines. It looked downright jaunty too, but it was really built to stress endurance over speed (but it had plenty of that too).

Later this summer, RM Sotheby’s will be auctioning off the second of these three Jags. After finishing fourth overall in the Le Mans in ’53, this Chassis XKC 052 enjoyed a stint with the Scottish racing team Ecurie Ecosse in 1954. This will be the first time it has been made available in 15 years.

The Le Mans race in 1953 was the 21st running of what has become the oldest ongoing motorsports race in the world. The purpose of this marathon style of racing was to place an emphasis on reliability as opposed to speed and it sparked innovation among its many competitors.

On a historical note, the three Jag C-types that competed in the Le Man’s that year were the first to do so with disc brakes. The Jaguar C-Type, Chassis XKC 052 will be offered at auction during RM Sotheby’s sale in Monterey, California which will be held August 13 through the 15th.

As a side note, according to Duncan Hamilton, a driver of the winning Jag model, their C-Type was disqualified during a run-up practice to the Le Mans race due to a minor infraction. Disappointed with the news, he and fellow driver Tony Rolt, decided to spend the night drinking to drown their sorrows. Unbeknownst to them, Jaguar paid a fine to get them back into the race the following day, news of which came to them from the company’s chairman in the middle of the night as they tried to sleep off their bender. Despite their impairment (if the story is to be believed), they won anyway.

While the other two C-Types in the race won first and second place, maintaining average race speeds of just over 100 miles per hour, Chassis 052 placed fourth overall and was piloted, in part, by legendary racers Peter Whitehead and Ian Stewart.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any Jaguar C-type Lightweights for sale here at Elmhurst Jaguar, but we do have plenty of other great Jaguar models for you to take for a test drive. Come visit us and see for yourself. We are located at 490 West Lake Street in Elmhurst, IL.

Jaguar’s ‘Art of Villainy’ Ad Series Returns With New Installment Starring the Jaguar XE

2016 jaguar XE

Tom Hiddleston, known for his turn as everyone’s favorite nasty Nordic god Loki in the Avengers and Thor films, reprises his role as the quintessential British villain in Jaguar’s newest commercial for the XE sports car. The ad is the latest in Jaguar’s ‘Art of Villainy’ series, featuring the tagline “It’s good to be bad.”

When you’ve got Hiddleston’s smooth, sexy voice and devilishly handsome smile behind your ads, it’s no surprise when they go viral. Jaguar’s extraordinarily successful line of ads in the ‘Art of Villainy’ series have been a hot internet commodity since the first installment debuted during the 2014 Super Bowl. With production values befitting the vehicle’s no-expense-spared image, the Art of Villainy ads play more like short action movies than they do commercials.

The latest in the series of tongue-in-cheek shorts continues to show us why Brits make the best villains. Besides being stylish, always in control, and exceedingly charming, they always manage to make all of the above look effortlessly easy. The new commercial shows Hiddleston petting a jaguar as a “Q” type gadgets guy, played by fellow Brit Nicholas Hoult, helps him build a new sports car – the Jaguar XE. “Go forth my pretty ones. Go forth and rule the road,” Hiddleston says as the cars tear out of his underground lair.

Explaining what makes a great villain, Hiddleston said: “A villain is a mask of elegance and style, behind which is a whirring and brilliant intelligence, but the trick is to make it all look easy. I think the best bad guys are very charming and witty and their villainy, as it were, comes at the twist of the wrist or the flick of a finger, we never break a sweat.” Sound familiar?

Directed by Tom Hooper (the man behind Les Miserables and The King’s Speech), the ads’ visuals are lush and impeccably photographed, the action is choreographed to the level of a Bond film, and the suits are always painstakingly tailored. Hooper explained what attracted him to the project: “This just struck me as, you know, a really great story and very funny. And like all good ideas, it hit at a truth and I found myself, sort of, wondering why is this cliche true? Why do Brits make such good villains? To get that cast: Mark Strong, Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston, who are famous for playing iconic bad guys, to get them to reference some of their own performances and their own attitudes to villainy I thought was great fun.” (Kingsley and Strong previously starred in Rendezvous, the first ‘Art of Villainy’ ad that premiered during the 2014 Super Bowl.)

Do the ads inspire you to find your inner British super-villain? Perhaps you might feel more at home inside one of our new Jaguar models at your Chicago Jaguar dealer — Elmhurst Jaguar. We can’t guarantee you’ll pick up Hiddleston’s enchanting accent, but we will promise a devilishly good time.


Jaguar’s New Role In the Driverless Car Revolution

jaguar driverless car

Jaguar has big friends. Like, um, the U.K. government. Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. and Ford Motor Company are teaming up with our friend, the British government, to begin testing self-driving cars as a possible feature of British public transport.

The U.K. Autodrive Consortium will put 40 self-driving “pods” on the streets of Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, England, about 45 miles north-west of London. Starting in late 2017, the pods will be in service for six months. They will use lasers, radar and cameras to scan streets for people and objects. Three have already been assembled and one is currently being used there.

According to Jaguar’s media center, Innovate U.K. — the rebranded Technology Strategy Board of the United Kingdom — announced in December of last year that U.K. Autodrive, “a consortium of forward-thinking local authorities” and the U.K.’s leading automotive technology institution, won the U.K. government’s £10 million “Introducing Driverless Cars” competition.

The competition was intended to establish the U.K. as a future leader in the self-driving cars market. It was also intended as a challenge to Germany and the United States. Germany announced in January that a specialized track is being constructed on the A9 Autobahn highway in Bavaria to test driverless cars — the first of its kind. Cars will be able to communicate with the track itself as well as surrounding vehicles.

“The German car industry will be a world leader in digital cars” Alexander Dobrindt, transport minister of Germany, said in an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The UK has now staked a similar claim on the future market.

The United States is not lagging behind on this one. According to the Observer, driverless vehicles will start appearing in six to ten U.S. cities this year as public transportation. The first will be unveiled in Tampa, Florida. They are expected to appear in more than thirty U.S. cities in 2016.

The trials for these driverless cars are being run by Comet LLC, a consulting firm that is, according to their website, “committed to accelerating the robo-revolution.” Jaguar will be part of this revolution, and Jaguar Elmhurst, your Chicagoland Jaguar dealer, couldn’t be more stoked. To test drive one of our non-autonomous new Jaguar models, stop by and visit us today!

Jaguar’s Pothole Alert System will Save Money and Stress


new jaguar elmhurst

If we can’t get our politicians to fill in the potholes in our streets, then at least we can drive cars with the technology to minimize their impact. Think of all the money it would save on dental wear now that we can avoid grinding our teeth every time we hit one of this gaping road holes. At Elmhurst Jaguar, we know exactly how you feel about our rough roads because we feel the same way.

In Jaguar’s homeland of the United Kingdom, it’s estimated that potholes cause £2.8 billion of damage to vehicles every year. That’s over four billion in US dollars. That includes tire and wheel damage as well as damage to the suspension system and broken axles. This is precisely why Jaguar Land Rover is developing a system that will alert drivers to potholes and adjust suspension height automatically.

The Pothole Alert system, which was developed by the Advanced Research Centre of Jaguar Land Rover, monitors road conditions in real time and adjusts the vehicle’s suspension according to its detection of pot holes. If you’d like a technical explanation, the suspension control system utilizes magnetic particles that are suspended in the damping fluid. These particles allow for a change in viscosity which can lessen the impact of the pothole on the tires and suspension system. Does this mean that you can fly carefree over the largest potholes in your neighborhood? Of course not, careful driving and diligence is alway required but the system means that the impact of hitting holes is reduced.

This MagneRide system will be installed in both Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport vehicles. Jaguar Land Rover hopes to further develop this system so that it can share this data on road obstruction in the cloud so that other drivers can utilize the information.

This road sensing technology is just one step along the path to fully automated vehicles. We know this is something Range Rover drivers do not want to hear, but it seems to be the future. The ability of the vehicle to recognize potential road hazards, even as seemingly small as a pothole, gives the vehicle more autonomy on the road.

In the meantime, you’ll have to navigate those potholes yourself when you drive to your Jaguar dealer of Chicagoland, Elmhurst Jaguar, to talk to one of our knowledgeable and friendly salespeople and test drive a new Jaguar model. We are located at 490 West Lake Street in Elmhurst.


2019 Jaguar J-Pace SUV Exposed

jaguar suv

We won’t say we’re always the last to know, but at Elmhurst Jaguar sometimes we find out about the latest innovations with new Jaguar models much the same way as this iconic car company’s millions of fans and customers do, through the media. Such was the case this month when we were perusing the latest issue of CAR magazine, which is where we got a glimpse of just what might be in store for the new luxury Jaguar sports utility vehicle, the J-Pace. We don’t fault Jaguar for the lack of previous information. After all, keeping new models a secret from the public for as long as possible is part of the fun and we are talking about the 2019 model here, so everything must be taken with a grain of salt anyway.

While not all the details are immediately available, and things are likely to change, we do know a few things with relative certainty. One given so far is that the J-Pace will be based on the Range Rover platform. We also know that the design team charged with building this innovative new luxury model is being headed by Ian Callum. Callum is the Director of Design for Jaguar Cars and has a wealth of experience in designing and building quality cars. His past work experience with Aston Martin, Ford, and the Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) team gives us hope and we expect good things, of course.

Another thing we know is the J-Pace will be sharing the aluminum platform of the Range Rover. Obviously, Jaguar will be implementing its very own interior and exterior treatment to give the J-Pace a distinctive look of luxury and sportiness. The J-Pace will likely be offered with a choice of two wheelbase configurations, a V6 and V8 model as well as options for a plug-in hybrid. High-performance versions of this Jag SUV will probably be offered in RS and SVR editions.

This new Jaguar SUV will be sure to please both city mice and their country cousins and is expected to be just as sporty and stylish as any Jaguar in the company’s line of luxury automobiles. Until the J-Pace becomes available here in the States, or anywhere in the world for that matter, we have plenty of great, new Jaguar models for you to see here at Elmhurst Jaguar. Stop by and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable salespeople. We are located at 490 West Lake Street in Elmhurst.


UK Documentary Features the Making of a Classic (and Expensive) Jaguar


At Elmhurst Jaguar, we enjoy a good documentary as much as the next person and we are not ones to turn our noses up at British television (we’ve even seen an episode or two of Downton Abbey, as a matter of fact.) Since we love British cars so much a film featuring our favorite luxury car brand is sure to grab our attention and that was certainly the case with the new Jaguar documentary set to be aired in Britain.

British audiences are going to get the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the inner workings of one of the most iconic car brands in the world. Inside Jaguar: Making a Million Pound Car, produced by the UK’s Channel 4 television station, the UK documentary will follow Jaguar’s production of six specialty editions of the Jaguar Lightweight E-Type.

The E-Type Jag is a very limited edition automobile. Only 12 were made 50 years ago and only six more are being produced today. Six fortunate Jaguar enthusiasts are going to get their hands on the steering wheels of these limited E-Types. That’s in exchange for one million pounds, of course.

The film follows the production of the E-Type through various stages as problems are discovered and addressed and building and design challenges are overcome. While this documentary may not have broad public appeal, we certainly can’t wait to watch it. It’s a show made for classic car fans and Jaguar lovers and that describes us to a tee, and even though the title may be a bit of a sensational grab for attention, this promises to be an educational glimpse into all the thought, hard work and science that goes into designing and building a high-performance automobile. That fact that it serves as an incredible marketing tool for the whole Jaguar line is an added bonus.

While we certainly won’t have any of the six E-Types available for sale here at Elmhurst Jaguar, we do have plenty of great Jaguar models for you to peruse. Stop by and talk to one of our knowledgeable and friendly salespeople. We are located at 490 West Lake Street in Elmhurst.