A New and Revealing Look at Jaguar’s First-Ever Crossover, the 2016 F-Pace!


The season for vacation plans may be coming on strong, but according to industry reports (which we’re glad to verify from our own experience), the wheels of innovation remain in full swing at Jaguar! Along with the weather we’ve been waiting for, it looks like the arrival of the summer season is also bringing us some new details on a few fresh faces that are stepping out of the Jaguar stables for a little of that proper sunshine. In particular, we’re very happy to see some recent appearances by Jaguar’s upcoming and much-buzzed F-Pace, a new crossover project that’s been giving interested Jaguar shoppers and industry buffs alike more and more reason to get excited as it rolls off of the test tracks and onto public roads.

During one recent excursion, which saw the F-Pace still decked out in some loud, flashy testing camouflage, journalists were able to catch a first glimpse of the F-Pace’s interior and to reveal some new information about exactly what to expect from Jaguar’s big jump into the high-competition crossover market. In a confirmation of some well-founded suspicions, it’s clear that the F-Pace will definitely seek to extend the reach of Jaguar’s recently-revealed and comparably-designed XF sedan, which debuted as the second entry sporting the company’s new weight-reducing, aluminum-centric ‘iQ’ frame technology earlier in the year. The F-Pace will definitely continue Jaguar’s push to bring a host of new models into the iQ family, but, of course, that’s not all it’s got to offer.

Notably, the F-Pace stands as Jaguar’s first attempt at creating a crossover vehicle. Now, with the raising of the curtain on the new arrival’s interior specs, it’s confirmed that a number of Jaguar’s signature accommodations will be in place to help the F-Pace set a high water mark in balancing the luxury of the company’s industry-leading sedans with the style and strength of partner Land Rover’s classic off-road vehicles. A generous digital display takes center stage between the climate controls, situated beneath Jaguar’s classic nautical-style dash, and complete with high-quality wood, leather, and some sleek new aluminum trim. Out of the cab and under the hood, it’s safe to say again that the F-Pace will follow suit with its XE and XF siblings, which are available with either Jaguar’s efficient 2.0-liter turbo-four or a supercharged 3.0-liter V6.

All in all, the disparate sensibilities that make up the personality of this imposing new addition to the Jaguar lineup seem poised to successfully synthesize what head designer Ian Callum has called Jaguar’s first true “family sports car.” So, if you find yourself looking for a vehicle with the style and luxury of Jaguar’s classic sports models but are finding yourself hungry for a bit more power and space, or if you’re simply as excited as we are about Jaguar’s entry into new territory, the F-Pace stands to present an ideal option for new and old buyers alike. After an advanced course in innovation and what company officials have called “rigorous real-world testing,” it looks like school is officially out for the F-Pace, and you can catch all the details about its upcoming graduation into the consumer market right here at Elmhurst Jaguar!


Jaguar Reveals Plans to Roll Out SUV Line


Listen up, because Jaguar has huge news. For the first time in its 80-year history, the luxury automaker will enter the SUV market. The first of its kind, the Jaguar F-Pace is scheduled to hit dealerships in 2016, with the larger J-Pace debuting in 2019. Both are being expressly designed to blow the competition out of the water, but the company has revealed that the J-Pace will compete specifically with the forthcoming Audi Q8, BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class.

The F-Pace will make its first appearance at the Frankfurt motor show in September, but it’s already been spotted doing hot laps at the Nurburgring in near-production-ready form. The new SUV is already making a reputation for itself as a powerhouse with reports out of Jaguar that it will house a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine. There’s a chance that the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine that Jaguar is known for including in its high-performance models might also make it into the F-Pace.

The F-Paces’ styling was very carefully considered by Jaguar’s lead designer, Ian Callum, and his team when the project began in 2013. It’s a relatively long car for its compact billing – nearly 40cm longer than the Range Rover Evoque, the car that seems to have inspired several of the F-Pace’s design choices. For one, the F-Pace features an “assured driving position” set at a low height, similar to that of the Evoque. We expect it to be a staple of the F-Pace driving experience.

If the F-Pace is a tailored cocktail dress, the J-Pace is a couture ball gown. Aimed at the wealthiest in Jaguar’s demographic, the J-Pace will have a bespoke interior and exterior as well as all-aluminum architecture befitting of its niche-market status. In addition to V-6 and V-8 engines, the J-Pace portfolio will also include a plug-in hybrid as well as high-performance RS and SVR variants.

For all their glamour, the F and J-Pace models might have limited appeal. That’s where the E-Pace comes in. The E-Pace will probably be built on the relatively inexpensive — yet flexible — D8 platform (previously used for the Discovery Sport & the Evoque) and will compete directly with the BMW X3, Mercedes GLC-Class, and the Audi Q3. Information is sparse since the E-Pace won’t be unveiled until the end of the decade, but it’s clear that the vehicle is expected to generate enough volume to make a big impact on Jaguar’s bottom line.

Once the F and J-Pace models gain footing in the North American market, they should help push Jaguar’s volume beyond 200,000 units per year — up from last year’s figure of about 80,000. Big things are on the horizon, but in the meantime we’d love for you to stop by Elmhurst Jaguar and soak up the grace and (enormously fun) pace of our current new models. Come visit, talk shop, and let us know what you hope to see in the all-new SUV line!


The Jaguar C-X75 Lights Up the Screen In the New James Bond film, Spectre


The sky is inky black and shimmering licks of rain soak the pavements of Rome. A glint of color — like a knife slashing the night — cuts through the air. Tires squeal and the purr of an engine in the distance quickens into a roar as a firestorm of orange lights up the ancient street. It’s the Jaguar C-X75, driven by Mr. Hinx (Dave Bautista) as he nimbly evades Britain’s sharpest spy. We know that James Bond’s (Daniel Craig) silver Aston Martin DB10 isn’t far behind.

Spectre (the newest film in the Bond franchise) doesn’t hit theaters until November 6, 2015 but short clips like the one described above are finally starting to appear online. As expected, they’re whipping up an anticipation we haven’t seen since 2006’s Casino Royale. Much of that excitement naturally centers around the film’s incredible roster of cars.

Ask any fan and they’ll tell you: Spectre wouldn’t be a true James Bond film without at least one high-octane car chase. Director Sam Mendes (whose past credits include the previous Bond film, Skyfall) is definitely not about to disappoint the fans, especially not with the inclusion of the much-anticipated Jaguar C-X75 supercar.

“It’s a cat and mouse game through the night-time streets of Rome at great speed with two of the fastest cars in the world, neither of which you’ve ever seen before,” Mendes told Business Insider. The DB10 is, of course, the stuff of fantasy. It’s the latest in a long line of Bond Astons, with a rich history that goes all the way back to Sean Connery’s DB5 in 1964’s Goldfinger. This latest Aston was designed and built specifically at the request of Mendes and Spectre’s producers so don’t expect it to be available to the public any time soon. Only 10 vehicles were made.

Unfortunately, Jaguar’s C-X75 will never be available for purchase either, but at least we get to see it in action. The carbon-fiber hybrid supercar first debuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show amidst a flurry of excitement. It even managed to scoop up Autoweek’s “Best in Show” award that year. Jaguar head designer Ian Callum described it as “the finest looking and most innovative Jaguar ever created” but alas — Jaguar canceled production of the C-X75 last year.

The version we’ll see in Spectre has undergone some modifications from the original supercar concept, including the removal of the C-X75’s 800-hp hybrid powertrain in favor of Jaguar’s trusty 5.0-liter V8 engine. Don’t worry, though – it’s still as gorgeous and powerful as ever. Expectations are high, but we’re confident that Spectre won’t disappoint. Dave Bautista himself says he thinks the scenes featuring the Jaguar and the Aston Martin will be “iconic”.

You don’t need James Bond’s bank account to have the beautiful, bold car you deserve. Visit us at Elmhurst Jaguar for more information about financing your new vehicle today.



Fresh From the Rumor Mill: Are We Getting a Jaguar Hatchback?


According to the rumor mill, Jaguar is looking into developing a small, entry-level hatchback.

The rumors started at the New York Auto Show, where Jaguar design director Ian Callum revealed his love of tiny vehicles and said the brand is kicking around the idea of a front-drive small car. “There’s always space to go smaller — the world is changing very quickly,” he said. “I think there’s a huge opportunity in the small car market, but it’s a very difficult business — hugely competitive and hugely price conscious.”

The hatchback would probably have to ride on a front-wheel drive platform and rely on electronic driving aids. It is too early to tell if the platform will be developed in-house or if it will be borrowed from another automaker. However, there are rumors that it would be in the style of BMW’s GT models.

It may not even be powered by Jaguar Land Rover’s new Ingenium family of gasoline- and diesel-burning engines. Instead, it would likely use its own engines and could even be offered with a gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain.

The hatchback would definitely have to help meet the EU emissions average of 95g/km CO2 — the deadline is 2020, not that far off for car manufacturers — which is why the hatchback is likely to be a hybrid.

But these are just some ideas Jaguar’s kicking around. If it does happen, the hatchback would not expected sooner than 2018 at the earliest. It would give the brand a leg up in the Indian market, as well as in the States, China, and Europe.

The rumors come amid a line of four new models in a bid to turn around Jaguar’s floundering North American division. The new offensive will start this winter with the release of the remodeled XF, a large luxury sedan that’s been redesigned to deliver lighter weight, a coupe-like profile, more interior space, and the new Jaguar InControl Touch ProTM infotainment system.

After that there’s a renewed version of the range-topping XJ, with its redesigned front fascia and more efficient engines. Next summer the 2017 XE will arrive in the States, and it’s expected to become Jaguar’s most popular model.

Finally, there will be Jaguar’s first-ever crossover, the F-Pace. A “practical sports car,” the F-Pace will be a toned-down version of the well-received C-X17 concept.

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“The Cave” Streamlines Productivity at Jaguar Land Rover


Forget everything you know about the luxury vehicle experience and step into “The Cave.”

Jaguar’s new multimillion dollar virtual reality project represents the latest in AR-assisted design — and not a single cog has been left unturned by their Innovation Lab.

Rather than waiting for a separate team to physically build concepts, The Cave allows for a rapid turnaround time for Jaguar designers exploring new technologies. Brian Waterfield, head of tech at Jaguar’s virtual reality program, says The Cave allows a full understanding of concepts using tiny cameras that navigate wearers through even the smallest parts of a mechanized system. Additionally, the virtual reality studio has the ability to make layers transparent so users can easily see through individual elements of a build.

Since The Cave was originally developed in 2007, it has saved Jaguar Land Rover roughly three times their initial investment by curbing time and cost related to prototype and overall vehicle development.

But the virtual reality action doesn’t stop behind the scenes. The new Jaguar XJ saloon and the Range Rover Evoque have both been developed using The Cave AR technology, which can easily find ways to optimize car interior space, aerodynamics and crash performance, analyze electrical systems, and streamline the manufacturing process.

Arguably more important than the streamlined physical development of prototypes is the faster time from pre-production to the floor — although it still takes roughly three years to develop a vehicle to completion.

The system is so intuitive it can determine whether or not components can fit together in a new model without counteracting one another or taking up too much space. It can even measure the storage capacity of a vehicle.

Using the body sensors, 3D goggles, and eight Sony digital cinema projectors within The Cave, designers can digitally sit in a vehicle and closely inspect the interior, rapidly making modifications without the need for prototyping. The real-time images are each four times stronger than HD TVs and take 16 desktop PCs to run smoothly in conjunction with a machine to monitor the data and a second to record the output. These processes can take as little as 20 minutes for a simple run or around two hours for the computer systems to accurately dissect a complicated design.

On top of all the backend design work on vehicles taken apart in The Cave, Jaguar Land Rover has also used the systems to create functional layouts for dealerships.

With The Cave technology behind JLR’s Innovation Lab, we should expect some exhilarating developments from the Jaguar Land Rover family. Stop into Elmhurst Jaguar or give us a call at (630) 833-7946 to talk about the exciting ways the Innovation Lab has influenced current JLR models.


Jaguar Responds to Sales Dip with a New Design for the Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF

Even for a great car company like Jaguar, sales can fluctuate. There are ups and down, even stagnation. This is a natural part of the sales cycle in any business. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ this might occur, but a matter of when. How automakers react and adjust to these dips reveals the strength of the brand. For Jaguar, the response is to improve the product. Here at Elmhurst Jaguar, we can’t say that this hasn’t been motivating to us as well. We try to do our part and the new redesign goes a long way towards getting us ready to sell more of these great luxury cars.

Take for example the Jaguar XF sedan. Last year, sales of the XF fell by 26 percent. Instead of engaging in unproductive hand-wringing and finger-pointing, the company took a proactive step to halt this negative trend. Their solution: improve the product. Pretty simple. Jaguar is accomplishing this through a redesign for the 2016 model of the XF sedan which will see an increase in interior space and improvements in high tech, safety and entertainment options. Both rear-wheel and all wheel-drive will be offered as well as a choice of two supercharged V-6 engines. Through the use of aluminum in its construction, the XF sedan will be 265 pounds lighter than it predecessor.

A two inch increase in the wheelbase allows for an increase in legroom on the inside, but the overall length of the sedan shrank by an almost imperceptible 0.3 inch. With an elegant, simple design, the XF looks every bit as classy and stylish as any Jaguar.

On the inside, one can find an updated instrument panel and new trim. Drivers are also provided with a choice in entertainment options. An 8-inch touchscreen with voice control navigation comes standard, but the InControl Touch Pro upgrade boosts screen side to 10.2 inches with a pinch-to-zoom function to quickly focus in on a pinpointed area. The InControl Remote lets drivers use their smartphones to set their XF’s interior temperature as well as to lock and unlock the vehicle. Safety features include Autonomous Emergency Braking System, Lane Departure Warning, along with optional systems like drowsiness monitoring and Adaptive Cruise Control.

Jaguar is clearly setting its sights on other sedans in the luxury auto market, like the Mercedes-Benz E-class, and we relish the rivalry. We hope you do to. So, if you’re ready to test drive a Jaguar and see what makes Jaguar one of the most iconic brands of luxury cars in the world, stop in and see us. We are located at 490 West Lake Street in Elmhurst, IL.


The All-New Range Rover SVAutobiography: ‘Luxurious’ Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover It

range rover SVAutobiography

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has a new division: Special Vehicle Operations (SVO). Sounds like top secret stuff, right? Like Black Ops or B613. It’s actually dedicated to bespoke commissions, heritage products, and apparel. They’re now in charge of all of JLR’s halo models, and their first project is the all-new 2016 Range Rover SVAutobiography — replacing the Autobiography Black at the top of the Range Rover line-up.

Exclusively crafted at the Special Vehicle Ops Technical Center in the UK, the SVAutobiography is powered by the 550 horsepower version of the brand’s 5-liter supercharged V8, with a whopping 502 lb.-ft. of torque. In short, it’s the most powerful full size Range Rover ever made. Couple that with ZF’s critically acclaimed eight-speed automatic transmission and Land Rover’s second-generation Terrain Response system, and you’ve got yourself a winner. A winner that costs $199,495.

JLR’s Special Vehicle Ops have optimized the Bosch engine management system, re-tuning the Roots-type twin vortex supercharger’s electronic bypass valve to maximize boost pressure during high-performance driving. The ZF eight-speed automatic transmission renders gear changes completely seamless while the adaptive-shift logic intelligently adjusts to driver behavior. The advanced transmission can also be controlled with paddle shifts mounted on the steering wheel, a perfect combination of automatic refinement and driver control.

Inside, exclusive premium leather wraps the seating with unique trim finishes. A stretched wheelbase and power-adjustable seats make for a luxurious backseat experience with a broad center console. It even has laptop-friendly pop-out tray tables. Hello, productive road trips! And there’s even a refrigerator — a freakin’ refrigerator! Whether you’re going camping or breaking the open container law, this baby’s an enabler.

Get used to solid aluminum. The rear-seat coat hooks, rail finishers, rotary dial, start-stop surround controls, pedals, front-seat armrest adjustments, and a handful of other details are all shiny, touchable knurled aluminum. This is a body that just won’t quit, with detailed aluminum even on the front and rear center consoles, each adorned with distinctive cup holders and socket covers.

And I’m sure you were wondering about the carpet mats: they’re made of deep twist pile mohair — that is, the long, silky hair of the angora goat.

On the outside Range Rover offers a tasteful two-tone paint scheme, with nine color options to pair with the black upper body. The grille shows off some polished chrome work finished in Graphite Atlas. A new exhaust system with distinctive quad chrome tailpipes ensures optimal flow while a gloss black finish coats the Brembo brake calipers up front.

The SVAutobiography debuts at the 2015 New York International Auto Show. Speaking ahead of its premiere, Land Rover Design Director and Chief Creative Officer Gerry McGovern stated in a press release, “With the SVAutobiography we have taken the opportunity to optimize the luxury execution and precision of the Range Rover while delivering beautiful detailing that considerably enhances the customer’s experience of our flagship vehicle.”

Considerable enhancement is right. And for 200 Gs, who wouldn’t buy the SVAutobiography? You could wine and dine the Queen of England in this luxury-laden Special Vehicle. Although we do not have the SVAutobiography, come and visit Elmhurst Jaguar to see our other new Jaguar models.

The New Jaguar XF Crosses the Thames on a High Wire


At the beginning of this month, the brand new 2016 Jaguar XF was unveiled in a fashion befitting of its uniqueness: atop a high-wire crossing the River Thames. The stunt took place on the Royal Victoria Docks and involved an engineering feat nearly equal to the incredible efforts Jaguar has put into their newest sedan.

Suspended sixty feet over the rushing waters at Canary Wharf, Jim Dowdall drove the XF roughly 787 feet across two carbon-fiber cables, each about the width of a human thumb. The two-inch wide cables swayed in the wind as Dowdall, a veteran Hollywood stunt coordinator, performed the world’s longest high-wire water crossing using only a keel and grooved wheels to assist him. Even though Dowdall has performed stunts for productions like the James Bond, Bourne, and Indiana Jones films, he admitted that he was a bit nervous. “You can’t eliminate that risk factor. Anything can happen,“ Dowdall told AdWeek. The stunt was broadcast live online and has been viewed by nearly half a million users on Facebook.

Chris McKinnon, Jaguar’s Product Marketing Director revealed that the whole thing was inspired by the documentary film Man on Wire: “Turns out the film actually has a real cult following within Jaguar. I can’t remember who came up with the idea originally but it just gained support massively. Obviously the guy in the film was much higher up, but he only went 60 meters – we went 240 meters.” Agility and creativity are, after all, huge parts of the Jaguar lifestyle. We’re not surprised to learn that adrenaline junkies and the creatively-obsessed have made themselves right at home working for the luxury automaker.

The high-wire stunt was designed to show off the XF’s lightweight aluminum body and its corresponding grace. Jaguar is clearly moving towards a greater emphasis on aluminum construction, which results in weight savings of up to 265 lb compared to the first generation XF. Built using a two-stage framing process, the aluminum construction is combined with magnesium alloys and advanced high-strength steels to create a completely evolved version of seven-year-old first generation XF.

Jaguar has also introduced a suite of sleek, new technological advances into the XF, including all wheel drive with adaptive surface response. The new tech allows the vehicle to tell the difference between driving conditions and change accordingly. The XF also includes Electric Power-Assisted Steering, which dampens the effects of uneven roads and compensates for changes in ambient temperature. There’s also Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and a Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) system that uses a stereo camera to read road signs and advise the driver of speed limits. Combined with the Intelligent Speed Limiter, the XF will be able to automatically slow or accelerate the car to match the posted limit.

To find out more about the XF and watch the amazing high-wire crossing, check out Jaguar’s XF exclusive hashtag: #NewXF on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also stop by Elmhurst Jaguar to take a spin in one of our 2015 XF models! You don’t need to cross a high wire to feel the adrenaline rush of a driving a new Jaguar.

Hop In For a Tantalizing Taste of a Vintage 1962 Jaguar E Type!


Following a lot of excited whispers, including our own, it finally looks as if Jaguar is coming even closer to the much-rumored all-out revival of the classic 1960s E Type – a car that Enzo Ferrari himself called “the most beautiful car in the world.”

And it’s certainly true that there are still many, us here at Elmhurst Jaguar included once again, who feel that Enzo’s words ring as true today as ever before. In celebration of the monumental E Type, we’re happy to share some news about Jaguar’s plans to give this flagship design a chance to shine again.

Now, two variations are receiving special treatment in particular, as a splendid replica of the prototype-only ‘Low Drag’ Coupé, built by Valley Motorsport in North Wales has been unveiled for this year’s opening of the UK’s popular Goodwood Circuit Revival competitions, and as the company continues to pursue its recently-announced efforts to complete six unfinished 1963 Lightweight E Type Coupés that it abandoned fifty years ago. Both cars have been on the minds of Jaguar enthusiasts for decades, and now it looks like 2015 is proving to be the year in which their dreams of a proper reemergence of some of Jaguar’s finest vintages are set to come true.

Recently, Goodwood shared a video of Scottish driver Alasdair McCaig behind the wheel of Valley’s beautiful new replica Low Drag Coupé, and we’re finding it a little hard not to admit our jealousy!

While this and one original are the only two ‘Low Drag’ E Type variants known to exist, Jaguar is putting some further effort forth in its dedicated revival of the E Type with concurrent plans to complete the unfinished units of its eighteen originally-intended Lightweight E Type Coupé models, only twelve of which were originally finished in the 60s. The new prototype Lightweight made its debut at last year’s Pebble Beach show, after which the official models are being finished by Jaguar’s Special Vehicles Operations division. Our fingers are definitely crossed for some news from the workshop soon!

Sporting an aluminum body that cuts 250 lbs from the original E Type design, and retaining the original Lightweight’s serious and rather surprising muscle with more than 300 horsepower and 280 ft.-lbs of torque, the new models will also feature an aluminum block to replace the original cast-iron. Personally, we can’t wait for the long-unfinished story of this limited-edition E Type, also known as the ‘Special GT,’ to get the respect it deserves from a new generation.


Knowing how much admiration has gone toward the E Type in the fifty years since its birth, Elmhurst Jaguar is beyond excited for the unveiling of the new models, which are under fabrication in an updated ‘heritage workshop’ at historic Browns Lane, Coventry, the original fabrication site for first Lightweights. In the spirit of the E Type’s fifty years of reliable service, count on Elmhurst Jaguar to be at your service for plenty of upcoming news on the long-overdue victory laps of these vintage legends, or on your own Jaguar! Schedule an appointment with our quality service department and get the best care, only fit for a Jaguar.

Meet the Incomparable Father-Son Team That Keep the Jaguar XJ220 Alive


Back in 1988, a time of serious competition in the supercar world, Jaguar unleashed something that, as famed Jag specialist Don Law relates, “rewrote the history books[.]” This undisputed classic of the modern age, against which all of the world’s most famous supercars since have been measured up, was so unique that company mechanics knew immediately after production finished that they wouldn’t be able to put in the special longterm effort to keep up with its precision maintenance and lingering hunger for further performance-enhancing modification. It seemed for a moment that the fate of this game-changing Jaguar was, sadly, only to languish.

The now-legendary XJ220, Jaguar’s record-breaking entry into the late 1980s/early 1990s flurry of revolutionary supercars and successful competition to the infamous Ferrari F40, quickly took with it a staggering array of pioneering achievements, setting a new production car record of 217 mph, hitting 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, and displaying an intimidating 540 horsepower. But suddenly, after the car finished production and settled into its retirement five years later, the big question was: who would be there to keep the world’s supply of XJ220s in top working order, and to keep pushing the limits of their legendary design specs?

Thankfully, that’s where Don and his son Justin Law come into the picture. After beginning a successful racing career with some impressively customized Jaguars in the mid-eighties, Don Law Racing was elected as the best choice to become Jaguar’s longterm non-industry service specialists on the new XJ220. As Don explains in a new video feature on the Laws’ longtime relationship with Jaguar, it wasn’t long before father and son found themselves as the world’s headquarters for this storied classic. Eventually, Jaguar sold their remaining stock of parts to Don and relinquished the maintenance process entirely. Today, there’s still only one place to get proper work done on an XJ220 or to see the finest examples of the model ever created – The garage of Don and Justin Law.

Under Don’s expert tutelage, Justin himself has been driving and winning events at first-class competitions in Jaguars for years. In 2009’s Goodwood uphill sprint competition, Justin shattered expectations and any doubt of Jaguar’s enduring performance capabilities by beating out favorite Sebastian Loeb and the fearsome ‘Pike’s Peak’ Peugeot from behind the wheel of his favorite XJS 8/9, a car that made its own debut in the same year as the XJ220. Looking back fondly on the early days of the cars that have made his career and his passion in the garage, Justin remembers that the XJ220 “created an absolute sensation… It was certainly on my bedroom wall!”

As he glances through the showroom, Justin points out one particular profile – the sky-blue LM.  It represents the Laws’ finest efforts in modifying the XJ220 to the furthest reaches of its already-impressive capabilities. Pushing an envelope-demolishing 800 horsepower past 220 mph with ease, the Laws’ incredible Le Mans mod sports “pretty much every extra we could think of bolting onto an XJ220, as a bit of demonstrator just to show what we can do,” beams Justin.

Today, Elmhurst Jaguar is proud to share the personal story of the exceptional Law family and their incomparable contribution to maintaining the legacy of Jaguar and one of its most impressive creations. Here’s to another twenty years of inspiration from one of Jaguar’s masterpieces and the skilled masters who keep its spirit alive! And be sure to come down to our showroom to take any of our great XJ models for a test drive.